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ML Precious Metals - New Roller video

Hello Community Members and Guests!


Problem solving is one of the most important roles we share at the Community.


Since the introduction of ML Precious Metals some Community Members have had difficulty creating the smooth look shown on the sample cards at the Store.


In the last two weeks, ML has introduced their own faux roller cover designed for "metallic paints."


This video (published for Cyntia, a member of the Community) demos "how to" use the new roller to create a seamless finish as well as the yellow sponge roller to create a pebbled texture.



The full discussion thread about ML Precious Metals can be seen by clicking this link: ML Precious Metals

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Posted 2011-08-02T18:38:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL
I watched the Pat In Paint video on line about Precious Metals by Marta S.
My question: the samples in the store all show a stippling streaky line effect, yet your demo showed how to apply the product and get a smooth finish. How do I reproduce the straky irregular lines that are on all of the sample in the store?
Posted 2012-06-13T00:05:01+0000  by tkzij

Sorry for the confusion tkzij!


Like any product roll-out, Martha's product line has experienced several changes since introduction ... and likely will experience more.


If you look back at one of the earliest threads on her products: "Martha Living Faux Finishes Showing Up In Stores," you'll notice that I demo the product being applied with the ultra-smooth white foam roller.


At that time, Martha had not released a textured roller for metallic paints and the sample cards from her display were sprayed to demonstrate a perfectly smooth application of ML Precious Metals ... with absolutely no texture at all.


In the interim, the first iteration of Martha's texture roller for metallic paints was introduced and we discussed the differences between the Ralph Lauren Shag Rug roller cover and Martha's new tool on page 4 of that thread. About the same time, another Community Member asked about using a nine-inch yellow sponge roller so we added that to the demo to show the pebbled texture created by this tool.


Today, more than a year later, Martha has a true shag rug roller designed to create a texture that looks like the grain you commonly see in metal. Somewhere among these changes, the smooth sample cards were replaced with the current metal grain sample cards that most accurately reflect the results you'll obtain with the current shag rug roller cover.


Like almost every product sold in The Store, our paint manufacturers are constantly working to improve their products ... including applicators used to create special textures.


Although this can be confusing, it clearly demonstrates that they are listening to their customers and trying to improve their products to meet customer expectations.


NOTE: Personally, I love the versatility of being able to create anything between very smooth and very textured metallic finishes ... because almost every customer I help has a unique idea about what they want to accomplish with their project.

Posted 2012-06-14T15:40:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


I was wondering if the Precious Metals Copper Metal paint would "work" on a plastered wall or does it have to be a smooth surface? Thanks.

Posted 2012-09-26T13:44:21+0000  by Kathrynkharm

Thanks for the great questions KathrynHharm!


Several of our product experts recently wrote about priming plaster before painting ... click the link to jump to that post.


Once primed, the surface will be sealed and "sticky" enough that ML Precious Metals should adhere well!


The texture of your plaster should easily cover using a slightly longer nap roller cover ... a 1/2 nap for slightly textured or a 3/4 for rough.


The longer the nap, the more paint texture you'll create on the surface ... it would be unrealistic to expect a smooth result on this textured surface.


Posted 2012-09-27T13:37:08+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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