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Mailbox Installation

I am putting in a new mailbox.  Is there a particular kind of concreate that is better than others?  Any other tips or helpful hints on installing a mailbox?  This will be the first time I am doing this, so any help would be appreciated.



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Posted 2011-07-12T14:23:39+0000  by baileydawg baileydawg

 Hi there baileydawg and welcome to the community.

So you need some tips on how to set your Billbox in concrete?:smileyhappy:

Well fist thing to pay attention to are utility lines to your house. Mailbox location and utility runs are commonly located close to the street. In addition depending on your geographical location most mailboxes require to be set bellow frost line anywhere from  36”to 42” deep.


This said it is recommended to call 811 before you dig.

Also take a minute and read about USPS residental mailbox standards before installation HERE.


Now let’s go back to the Billbox installation.

Start your project off by digging a hole that is bellow published frost line. This may sound like unnecessary extra work but really it is not. If not below the frost line bottom of the post will get pushed up by expanding water (ice) under it.

Once the hole is dug place a 4”-6”inches of gravel on the bottom for drainage and place you mailbox post in the hole.Attach diagonal braces  to the sides of the post.




Use a level to position the post plumb and secure the diagonal braces to the wood stakes previously driven next to the post.




Once the post is plumb and desirably positioned fill the hole with Fast Setting Concrete up to 3”-4’ inches below the ground level. Fast setting concrete from Quikrete sets hard in about 30 minutes and does not require mixing-just add water over it.




Add a recommended amount of water.



And finally finish of your project and backfill around the post with soil or sod.



Hope this helps and again welcome to the community.




Posted 2011-07-12T16:28:32+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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Posted 2019-02-14T05:36:05+0000  by leoniwein
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