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Mailbox/post installation

Hi guys,


I recently purchased a new mailbox post (model # 580A00000) and mailbox(model # E1100B00) from H. Dep online. They go really well together. There is one problem though, there is no convenient way to attach the mailbox to the mailbox post. It does not come with a mounting kit but there are several holes there for installation. Is there some sort of special mailbox mounting kit I need to buy or do I have to improvise?





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Posted 2011-04-13T11:16:53+0000  by Paddy77 Paddy77



The mailbox and post came out fantastic.....I'm unable to post a pic but trust me it looks awesome! I did end up having to set the post in concrete but that's ok. The piece of deckboard and the locktite are holding up just fine!!! I simply screwed the mailbox to the deckboard! Thanks again for your advice! Time to move onto the next project!



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Posted 2011-04-19T12:46:25+0000  by Paddy77

Greetings Paddy!


Nice to hear from one of our most tenured community members. My name is Tom, I am known as HD 116 here and on various other DIY sites on the Internet and a fellow founding member. I just saw the mailbox post you purchased and it is gorgeous.


Neither the post or mailbox comes with a mounting bracket, but there is a universal mounting bracket that is available at your local store. A link and a description to it follows here;



I am happy to help and again, thanks so much for being a valued member of our community.

Posted 2011-04-13T13:17:42+0000  by HD116

Hi Tom,


Thanks for the reply. I found this product yesterday and decided it probably wasn't worth buying. The mailbox post has an 'arm' section which the mailbox it then mounted to. Perhaps I could still use the bracket and flatten the edges where it is meant to fit onto the 4"x4". Unfortunately it seems that the mailbox mounting bracket is not sold in ANY local H Dep stores within a 50 mile radius.  Perhaps the only viable means of resolving this unpredictable problem is with a few screws and some intuition!!



Posted 2011-04-13T13:58:04+0000  by Paddy77

Hi Again!


I have another solution that I have used that is easy and quite cost effective. If I recall, the mailbox you purchased has a "lip" around the base to allow for a bottom or side mount. And the post it appears has a flat surface where the mailbox is to mount.


I was posed with a similar situation at a friends house and simply took a scrap piece of pressure treated 5/4 deck board and cut it to fit the mailbox base and fastened it with PL construction adhesive. The PL (made by Loctite and available in the Paint Dept with caulks and adhesives) is an indoor outdoor product that joins dissimilar materials permanently, and I used it to attach both the metal mailbox to the wood bracket that I made to fit as well as the wood to the poly mail box post. It was and remains intact and has held up to two hurricanes (the mail box is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina).


Try that and enjoy your beautiful new mail box combo! I am confident you will get the same great results I did.

Posted 2011-04-13T14:09:13+0000  by HD116



That's a perfect solution. I have some pressure treated deckboards I can use and I actually have the loctite adhesive too!! I'll give it a whirl. you think I could simply install the 4"x4" in the ground without embedding it in concrete? The concrete thing isn't a problem but just in case I ever had to take the whole thing up again.



Posted 2011-04-13T14:43:58+0000  by Paddy77

It's a great day in the community!


Am quite pleased to have given you a acceptable solution for the issue at hand. As far as the concrete goes, I offer the following;


I have set many pressure treated posts in my day, in fences, mailboxes, etc. and rarely use concrete to hold them in place. The one exception is at gates when building wooden fencing. I do however, set the posts very deep and will nail fasteners (either galvanized 16 penny nails or the 10" landscaping spikes depending on if 4x4 or 6x6 posts) nailed about an inch into the base of the post. I use two on each side of the post base and offset them alternating each side of the post. I then plumb, level, backfill and tamp the new dirt around the post thoroughly. The nails or spikes help stabilize the post and keep lateral movement to a minimum.


Happy to help and thanks for an accepted solution!

Posted 2011-04-13T15:00:50+0000  by HD116

Once again thank you. I will post back in a few days and try and include a picture also.

Posted 2011-04-13T15:22:35+0000  by Paddy77

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