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Main Burner with Ignitor Valve on a Brinkmann

I purchased a Brinkmann grill last year. It lights with a match, but not with the electrode.

I emailed Brinkmann. They sent me a main burner with Ignitor Valve. The part # is 154-8410-8.

The model number of my grill is 810-8411-5.


The didn't include directions on how to install it. Can someone please tell me what I have to take apart to uninstall the old one and reinstall the new one?

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Posted 2011-06-12T13:48:40+0000  by innocent93 innocent93

Thanks.. The video was very helpful..

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Posted 2011-06-12T16:43:28+0000  by innocent93

Hey innocent93.


It would be easier to show you than to tell you. I apologize for the shaky camera as I had too much coffee.


This year's grill does not really differ from last year's grill. Hit me back if this does not answer the question.

Posted 2011-06-12T16:09:40+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Very helpful if onlyn for the fact that it showed the proper configuration of the ignitor - which I really needed!  Somehow my original ignitor 'business end' popped off of the extension piece.  It actually looks like two parts now whereas the newer model appears to be a contiguous molded steel piece.  I'm wondering if a weld broken on mine because it was just laying in the bottom of the grill preventing ignition.  I bent one of the existing tabs on the ignitor end and managed to just crimp it back on the extension piece.  Not a good or proper resolution but the ignitor works now.  May consider buying a new piece anyway seeing as this will probably only get worse.  GREAT VIDEO.  Saved my week with the in-laws hoping to grill out a-plenty!

Posted 2011-06-18T17:04:48+0000  by tonka
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