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Make half switched outlet contantly hot, use switch for new ceiling light/fan

I have 14/2 wire going to a switch in a bedroom. I then have 14/3 wire w/ a red wire going from the switch to an outlet. The switch controls half of the outlet.
What I would like to do is:
-Make the outlet constantly hot and not controlled by the switch
-Use the switch to control a new ceiling fan/light

I understand that making the switch not control the light means I HAVE TO make the switch control an overhead light.

My questions are:
-do I cap the red wire in the gangbox of the switch and the gangbox of the outlet when I replace the outlet to make it constantly hot and wire like a normal outlet?
-when I buy a ceiling fan light that also has a light and remote, what switch should I buy so I can control the fan not only with the switch but also with the remote?

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Posted 2016-11-30T00:41:37+0000  by ELD ELD
Hello ELD.  Welcome to the Community!

1. Yes, you will be eliminating the wired switch from your circuit.  As a result, both ends of the red wire will need to be capped.  In addition, the 14/2 cable that brings power into the switch box will need attention as well.  If done correctly, the black power in would have been connected to the black 14/3 power out, as well as to a pig tail that provided power in to the switch.  That pig tail should be capped off as well.  When you are done you will have the 14/2 cable wires connected to the same color 14/3 wires, with a dead and capped red and no other connections available.  Your new outlet will have the bridge between hot terminals intact, so you will simply wire the black power to the gold side, and the white neutral to the silver terminal side.  You now have a duplex outlet with both plugs always hot.

2.  OK, so now you need a new ceiling fan box, wiring to it and a wall switch for the fan and its light.  What I would do is to buy a wall switch that is wireless.  These essentially act as a second remote control for your fan, but look and work just like a wall switch.  No wires are hooked up to the switch.  This way you can install a new ceiling fan box with always on power to the fan receiver, and control the fan either from the hand held remote or the wall switch remote.

Wireless controls


Posted 2016-11-30T16:31:30+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi Chris,
Can you confirm the wire situatuon with photos of the current switch and the current outlet below?
My concern is the switch gangbox has both romex coming thru the top of the box

Posted 2016-12-16T17:42:03+0000  by ELD
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