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Project Ideas: Fun & Games

Make your own Slip-n-Slide!


Slip and Slide Water Large.jpg


Oh, the memories return…this was one of my favorites as a kid and even as an adult.  The slip-n-slide!  A project that is quite easy.  Follow the steps and you too can get out and go for a ride!


Skill Level- Beginner


Under-Over Rating- Under $20/Over 15 min


Tools and Materials

5ML or thicker roll of plastic

Garden Staples

Duct Tape



Step 1- Unravel your roll of plastic down a slope or a hill (Depending on how adventurous you are).


Slip and Slide Plastic.jpg


Step 2- Secure with Garden staples on corners and sides.


Slip and Slide Garden staples.jpg


Step 3- Cover Garden Staples with colorful Duct Tape, so no one will get hurt.


Slip and Slide Duct tape.jpg


Step 4- Hook up your Garden Hose and turn it on!


Slip and Slide Hose.jpg


Have fun!!



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Posted 2012-04-03T14:05:34+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS Jen_HD_BOS

Another option would let you turn it into a slip and slide with fountain!  Simply run the garden hose down the length of one side of the sheeting.  Turn the sheeting over, then duct tape the hose into the sheeting (use water proof duct tape).  Run the hose down the other side, and tape in as well.  Take a nail and poke holes, angling so the water will go up and towards the other side.  Plug one end, then attach to water, turn on, adjusting the water accordingly!  (Note: make sure the "U" is positioned at the top of the hill, so that kids don't hit it going down...

Posted 2012-07-03T22:04:20+0000  by WayneFeller
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