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Making a Twin Bed

Hi, I was wondering if it would be cheaper making a twin bed than buying a new one.


I seen everywhere basically and can't seem to find the right one for my room, I'm 5'5" by the way and just want one a little longer for my feet wont dangle haha.


I love height too but I don't know if that will cost more for it being higher. Help please!


Any advise will help to point me in the right direction.



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Posted 2012-05-14T17:34:14+0000  by bh_romero bh_romero

Howdy bh_romero,


With some creativity, a good plan, and a bit of know how, you can have a great raised bed for less than purchasing a new one.

I've consulted with our pro DIY/Hardware guys Mike "HDAnswerman"  and "FoodieKen" and this is what we've come up with.


The items needed are:

4x4 inch lumber       4 corner braces    box of 4 inch deck screws


1x? Wood of your choice,             spray paint or Varathane


Start by having Home Depot lumber associate cut you two 40 1/2" and two 76 1/2" pieces of wood. Use the deck screws to attach pieces together. Next use the corner braces to strengthen corners and attach 4x4 legs.

bed2 (1).jpg

You can  use longer or shorter leg pieces, depending on what you would like the height to be. Next you can screw the outside  1"X ?" wood making sure they overlap by at least 2 inches to assure the box spring stays centered. The width could be anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches.

bed2 (2).jpg

Lastly a coat of varathane or paint will give you many options depending on what look your going for.


When your finished you might consider making a headboard and posting some photos of your project.


Happy building,

Posted 2012-05-14T23:11:13+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

I love this idea, and would love to get this project started. I am a bit confused as to what materials i need. Could you please give me a list of all lumber and what sizes i need.  When you say 1x?, i dont know what that means.

Posted 2012-09-14T16:36:51+0000  by meaga61388

Howdy Meaga1388,



I've just finished a project very similar to the one I posted earlier and so here is a list of exact lumber and measurements that used.


AraucoPly Sanded ACX Panel  Store SKU # 815062

2 pieces : 47 1/2 inches

2 pieces : 78 inches



4 pieces of 4 inch wide and 4 inch width lumber  Store SKU # 603759


2 pieces : 40 1/2 inches

2 pieces : 76 1/2 inches



4  : 3 in. x 3 in. x 1-1/2 in Simpson Strong-Tie Angle  Store SKU # 461458




1 box GRK Fasteners #10 x 3-1/8 in. R4 Self-Countersinking ScrewsStore  SKU # 724492




As for the 1x?...that was to leave you room to decide how wide you wanted the siding to be. These new measurements are for plywood that is 3/4 inch instead of 1 inch. The great thing about this AraucoPlywood is that one side will be finished and ready for staining/painting.




Happy Building,

Posted 2012-09-17T19:48:12+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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