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Manly Hardware Cabinet

My girlfriend and I live in a fairly small apartment here in Atlanta and I'm in need of a rugged, manly harware cabinet. I basically came to this idea when I was running out of space in the outside closet and saw a custom made, multi-tape dispenser online. ( I'd like to incorporate this design into my hardware cabinet. In essence, I need a sturdy cutting/hammering/work surface, shallow drawer for nails & screws, magnetic side, hooks for hanging and I need to be able to wheel it around & lock it. If you wouldn't mind, I'd greatly appreciate any advice you might have, recommendations for futher modifications and any input you might have. I've attached a picture of my concept for you to look over. (The box in the top left is the available space I have to work with)




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Posted 2013-02-28T13:53:42+0000  by BrandIdeator BrandIdeator
Here's the image. (I couldn't get it to upload)
Posted 2013-02-28T13:58:21+0000  by BrandIdeator

Howdy Brandldeator,


Welcome to The Home Depot Community. This is a place where we share our experiences with projects. So let's get some brainstorming on ideas for your project.


I spoke with both Mike the HD Answerman and FoodieKen on some ideas and here is what we came up with.


1) Make sure you use rubber wheel rollers to keep from scuffing or damaging your floors. Locking wheels are even better to have a stable work surface.


2) A removable worklight might be useful for adequate lighting. A magnifying worklight would be even better for precision projects.


3) Attaching a  side mounted vice or removable top vice could be an idea for those projects that require a sturdy third hand or clamping for drilling.


4) If you get a 6 foot laminate countertop you could cut it in 3 sections and replace the tops whenever the previous one get's wear and tear.


5) You could attach a surge protector power strip on one side. This might come in handy if your working on projects that require multiple plugs.


6) I've seen work surfaces where there is a 1/4 inch trim on back to keep screws from falling off desk. On my work surface I have a magnetic tray that holds my pieces from rolling away.


7) I've attached hooks on projects and I usually regret it because I've scratched a wall or myself. Maybe more drawers would be better?


Below is a very short video of a workbench I made for a friend. I hope we have sparked some ideas to assist you in your custom "Manly Hardware Cabinet".




Happy Building,

Posted 2013-02-28T20:44:49+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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