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Marbling paint finish

I'm interested in doing a marble finish on my wall to create an accent wall. I haven't found much info or any helpful videos anywhere Are any of you familiar with how I can do this? Is it easy for a non-pro to do? any help you can give would be great :)
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Posted 2011-09-29T14:58:39+0000  by Diyfan1200 Diyfan1200

Hi DIYfan!


Faux finishes are exciting to make and generally create a WOW when your friends and family drop by.


And, yes you can do it!!!


Your basic formula for a marble finish is a base color in a satin finish followed by contrasting two or three progressively lighter colored faux glazes.


I encourage my customers to use natural stone as a visual guide toward selecting their colors.


Try this link to another thread that both shows and discusses how to faux, how to select colors, how to apply glaze, etc.


The ideas in that thread should help you select your colors, and your Paint Associate will help you pull together the supplies.


Then, just follow these steps:


1) Create your base coat (usually the lightest color) using satin or semi-gloss paint;

2) Allow to dry at least six hours;

3) Tape corners of adjacent walls, ceiling, and trim using 2-inch painters tape and then tape the wall into 24- or 36-inch columns;

4) Determine the direction the marble should flow (usually diagonally);

5) Mix your first and second faux glaze (usually the darkest and mid-tone color) using 1-part paint and 4-parts glaze;

6) Saturate a three-inch chip brush with faux glaze and begin applying large random diagonal sweeps of this glaze inside one column;

7) Saturate a second three-inch chip brush and overcoat the first color with mid-size random diagonal sweeps;

8) Use a clean, damp terry towel to blend the colors, eliminating the brush marks;

9) Repeat the process until the column is filled from ceiling to floor with the randomly blended colors;

10) Cut a wall-size piece of .3-mil painters plastic and crinkle it into a ball with your hands;

11) Unfold the plastic, blend your third faux glaze (1 to 4) and brush a thin coat onto the plastic;

12) Following the established flow of the marble, lightly place the plastic, glaze side down, over the column;

13) Randomly press the plastic onto the column, deliberately creating random ridges and lines  ... NOTE: avoid using fingertips as they create distinct finger patterns;

14) Start at the top corner and remove the plastic ... leaving random veins of marble-like glaze;

15) An artist's brush can be used to create additional fine veins and creases, and/or additional damp ragging to help keep the pattern random; and

16) Remove the tape, allow the column to dry, cross-tape before beginning the next column, and repeat.


Labor intensive, but very creative!


Your accent wall will be one of a kind and the reaction you receive will be just a distinct!


Final Note: There are numerous other techniques that will create beautiful accents with not nearly as many steps. If you would like to learn about them, reply and we'll add onto the thread.

Posted 2011-09-29T19:38:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Feathers such as one can find in a craft store are great for creating veins.  A bag of large stiff feathers - you want the type that look like you could make a quill pen  or a Native American headdress out of them - are inexpensive.  I think they are white turkey feathers. Pull the edge of the feather through your veining color and twitch it around on the surface.  I have also used some of the base color again over the veins to make it look as through the veins have some depth - coming to the surface through the marble look.  This is done with the primary sponging technique.  I also may put a few drops of the other colors next to the lighter vein colors on my palette to add interest.  I found that adding different layers this way gives the project a look of depth.  Worse case scenario - repaint with base color! 

Posted 2012-04-14T04:08:18+0000  by Seasider




More and more I find You Tube as a good source of DIY information. If you punch in " Marbling faux finish",  you will get several good videos on just such a project.

Posted 2012-04-15T15:11:44+0000  by ordjen
Hello again Diyfan1200!

Hope your project turned out exactly as you imagined.

Since you inquired about faux technique, I thought the content in this thread might interest you as well:

As you complete projects, please take time to come back and share photos.
Posted 2015-06-18T17:15:19+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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