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Martha Asks: What heat-loving plants do you have success growing?

Post your ideas here (and photos if you have them!) of which heat-loving plants you have had success growing in your own yard? Share any tips while you're at it.

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Posted 2013-08-13T12:47:06+0000  by HomeDepotJayne HomeDepotJayne

Here is the bell pepper: They turn a beautiful mahogany like color after they mature.

IMG_0533.jpgHere is the artichoke: The original plant that I bought in March produced an artichoke then I picked it, after that, the plant died, and now it produced two new plants.



Here is the Roma tomatoe, I harvested tomatoes for two months, then three weeks ago the plant started to die, as a result, I pruned it heavily and now it's growing back again.


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Posted 2013-08-28T04:52:15+0000  by weatherman

One of my favorite summer annuals is the Red Geranium.




Geraniums will flower all season, right up until frost. The love the sun and need to be in a well drained area or pot. 


If they stay too wet, geraniums will not bloom. Amend the soil with sand to help it drain and remove drip pans from pots if there is plenty of rain.




Posted 2013-08-13T13:08:00+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Lantana is a sun-loving plant that never fails for me.

Posted 2013-08-13T13:12:22+0000  by LynnGardenClub

verbena and calibrachoa


Here's a real heat-loving combination: purple verbena and red calibrachoas. I've seen lots of butterflies visit these flowers, and they can take full sun.

Posted 2013-08-13T13:30:45+0000  by LynnGardenClub

Greetings Martha and Jayne!


Purple Cone Flower-Echinacea, is by far, my favorite heat tolerant, sun loving perennial...they are still going strong after three record breaking heat waves in Boston this summer!



Video 222 0 00 51-46.jpg


Autumn Joy -Sedum, is a close second in my garden for being  dependable, and durable, during the unpredictable summer heat in my area of the country!  After being pinkish in color throughout the summer, they turn an amazing copper in the fall!


Video 146 0 00 06-21.jpg


Sunflowers are happy to dance, and wave in the heat of the summer days, this is not my garden, but I did happen upon this field of beautiful sunflowers last summer!  Hope this helps!!  Enjoy the season,   Maureen


Video 227 0 00 29-24.jpg

Posted 2013-08-13T17:08:02+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Although all 3 of these plants are great performers for us here in zone 9B, it would be a wonderful thing to have people put in their zones so we know if these and other enticing suggestions would work for us.

Thank you


Posted 2013-08-14T19:40:34+0000  by Buttterflyy

Hi all!

GAIL-HD-OC here. Some of you may know  that I live in sunny Orange County California- here are a few at my house:

Untitled 0 00 03-01.jpgpurple osteospermum.jpg


have fun!

Posted 2013-08-15T22:50:57+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Veggies: Roma tomatoes, Artichokes, Strawberries, Basil, Tomatillos, and Jalapenos. I'm growing them in containers.



For many years I planted many veggies directly in the ground—I added cow manure, soil amendments, and fertilizer to the soil, however, due to high evaporation and high temperatures they didn’t grow or produce veggies very well. Therefore, this year I decided to grow them in plastic pots, recycled carton boxes, and wooden pots.


I started my project in March by building two large wooden pots and small pot—the wood that I used was from a discarded furniture. First, I disassembled the furniture; followed by assembling the pot. After assembling the pot, I painted it to prevent sun damage, after that, I placed a plastic bag in the bottom to prevent the wood from rotting. Followed by, a soil mixture of: 60% miracle Gro moisture control, 30% mulch, and 20% desert sand. Finally, in one pot I planted one Roma tomato, one artichoke, one bell pepper, and one tomatillo. Meanwhile, in the smaller pot I planted a bunch of cilantro herb.

In another planter, I planted about 25 strawberry plants. They were growing in the ground for a year---they were growing fine but not as healthy as I expected it, therefore, I’ve decided to grow them in a container.  After they were planted in a container, they started growing very healthy and they even produced a good crop this year.


In June I also planted a few basil plants in the same planter as the cilantro herb.


Two months ago, I planted more plants in different containers: a box container, and one recycled one gallon pot.  In the carton box I planted two Jalapenos, and a tomato plant, meanwhile in the five gallon pot, I planted a cherry tomato.



A few months, later they began to produce their crops. And now I’m enjoying fresh veggies.





Posted 2013-08-25T04:55:25+0000  by weatherman

Greetings weatherman,


You have a great sense for repurposing, old furniture into planters…that sound so interesting, I would love to see pictures!  I am so happy for you with a successful harvest too!


 Keep us updated, we love hearing about your projects!


Enjoy the season,     Maureen

Posted 2013-08-27T13:34:46+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

This wooden pot is from the recyled furniture;

Plants growing there are: Tomatillo, Artichoke, Bell Pepper, and Roma tomatoe, all them are from the Home Depot. Picture taken two weeks ago.S30A1090.jpg

Posted 2013-08-28T04:34:05+0000  by weatherman
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