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Martha Asks: What heat-loving plants do you have success growing?

Post your ideas here (and photos if you have them!) of which heat-loving plants you have had success growing in your own yard? Share any tips while you're at it.

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Posted 2013-08-13T12:47:06+0000  by HomeDepotJayne HomeDepotJayne

Greetings weatherman!


Once again fantastic photos, and a great use of space and re-purposed furniture!


I am glad to read and see that you lined the old wood with a plastic sheet; not only to protect the wood, but also yourself. Just incase there were any sealants used on the wood previously they will not leach into the soil, as well as the produce!


What a great surprise about the roma tomatoes!  What a successful growing season, you certainly are harvesting the fruits of your labor!!!


Well done,   thanks for the up-date,        Maureen

Posted 2013-08-29T12:03:04+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Here my Jalameno and a Basil plant.



Posted 2013-08-30T03:26:12+0000  by weatherman

My Jalapeno and my tomatoIMG_0523.jpgIMG_0524.jpg grown in a carboard box.

Posted 2013-08-30T03:36:17+0000  by weatherman

What heat loving plants have I had success with?


Out here on the West Coast, we are sufficiently spoiled with our wonderful weather and plants.  Many annuals here on the West Coast behave like perennials.  One of my favorites is the Vinca.  It is a sun hardy plant that will tolerate very hot weather and a little drought as well.  The Vinca is a small bushing type of plant that can get to be about 18 inches tall.

                                  vinca 2.jpg


Another favorite of mine is the Aptenia.  This is a hardy but good looking ground cover that will produce red, yellow or violet colored flowers, depending on which variety you have.  This plant will survive well in the full sun and even in the part sun.  


               Aptenia cordifolia.jpg Aptenia ground cover.jpg


The Cape Honey Suckle-tecomaria capensis is another great plant for a sunny area, but be sure to keep it trimmed or it can grow to 15’ X 15’.  This is a beautiful flowering bush that the humming birds absolutely love!



Cape Honeysuckle -tecomaria capensis.jpg Cape Honey suckle2.jpg Cape Honey Suckle bush-small.jpg



If you like to BBQ then you have to have a Rosemary bush in your yard.  This plant is not only heat tolerant  and hardy, you can cook with it too!   Whether you are cooking fish, shrimp, chicken or nice big cuts of marbled pork on the Barbie, you have to have some fresh sprigs of rosemary coated with some Olive Oil wrapped around your food to give that fresh taste of cooking on an outdoor grill!  Who wants to use dried rosemary when you can have all delicious nuances of fresh rosemary?


                                       Rosemary Arp Drought Tolerlant.jpg  Shrimp BBQ with Rosemary.jpg  


Shrimp Grilled Skewers with Rosemary.jpg


Growing things in your back yard that you can cook with is a wonderful way of further enjoying your back yard and your BBQ!


This has been another of, 

Posted 2013-09-24T21:48:49+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
Hey Guys.

Take a look at this article titled Drought tolerant plants that are not cactus. I have had great luck growing many of these plants in my landscape without irrigation and very little supplemental watering.
Posted 2016-12-11T17:39:15+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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