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Martha Steward Living Precious Metals vs Martha Steward Living Metallic Paint specialty finish


I wrote the other day about the metallic paint. We went to Home Depot to buy theMartha Stewart Precious Metals, and somehow were convinced to buy the Maartha Stewart Metallic paint specialty finish. It seemed like it was the same color, but the salesman said that with MSL Precious metals you need to use a base, and with the specialty finish, not so much. I am not happy with the look, and am wondering  what the difference would be if I had used Precious Metals to begin with. The Precious Metals seems lighter in color on the chip, but sometimes, you can't go by that alone. Hoping you will have some answers for me.

If I choose to go with the Precious Metals over the specialty finish, how will that turn out? Will I have to base coat the specialty finish that is on there now? Thank you for your time.


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Posted 2011-09-30T22:53:41+0000  by kareval kareval

Hi kareval.:smileyhappy:   I hope you continue popping into the community from time to time.



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I recommend lightly sanding the specialty finished surface and applying two coats of the Precious Metals paint over that.  Just follow PatnPaint's advise on the application process and you should be fine.


With a lot of "craft" like paints - trial and error is sometimes the best way to find the right technique.



Posted 2011-10-02T16:37:41+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hi Karen,


Just following up from the Precious Metal thread where you refer to this question.


Kevin's recommendation to lightly sand the Specialty Finish before proceeding is exactly right.


The Specialty Finishes are great for application as accents to existing colors, but Precious Metals is the full-wall approach.


Because some customers have had difficulty getting Precious Metals to look like the smooth sample cards, I am going to recommend you follow the link in Kevin's post, and read the full thread on this product.


Come back and let us know how we can help you on the next project!

Posted 2011-10-04T12:14:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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