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Martha Steward Living colors being discontinued?

I have been staring at paint chips for days and finally decided on the colors for my home interior. Most of my favorite colors come from the Martha Stewart Living line and the MS Precious Metals/LightStrokes lines. Online though it looks like all the Martha Stewart tester paints say discontinued. Are all of those colors going away?? or are just the tester sizes going away? I would hate to have to re-pick colors if they are all being discontinued!

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Posted 2012-07-28T01:47:37+0000  by SavvyKat SavvyKat




To my knowledge, the Martha Stewart color paleettee and specialty paints are not being discontinued. The Martha Stewart brand of paint was discontinued, but the palette lives on and can be reproduced as either a Glidden paint product, which it always was, or a Behr product.


The MS testers were somewhat redundant in that they always could be mixed as Glidden or MS testers. The full MS palette is still available as custom mixed testers. Should the MS ever be dropped for some reason, you can rest assured that the formulas will remain in the Home Depot paint data base for many years. For example, the Ralph Lauren palette, which was dropped a couple years ago, remains in the HD data base.


Again, to my knowledge, there is no plan to do away with the MS Metalic or other specialty lines. These lines were introduced when similar type products from Ralph Lauren wee dropped.


Additionally, any paint formula which does not exist in the HD data basei of  dozens of manufacturers , can be reproduced from a good color sample. The HD computers will analyze the color and produce a formula to be shot in either Behr or Glidden paint, stain or other specialty products.

Posted 2012-07-29T03:28:14+0000  by ordjen

Hi Savvykat,


bear in mind that if you keep the name of the paint, and the line it came from, the paint desk at Home Depot can find it in their computers, years after it was discontinued.  One thing I do, is keep a file at home with all of my manuals and broschures and warranties for the tools and equipment in my house.  Along with that, I keep the pain strips with the colour of paint in my rooms.  That way, if I ever need that pain again, I can simply bring in the strip and have them match it!





Posted 2012-08-01T14:22:17+0000  by WayneFeller


I hate organized people!  :


Seriously, Martha Stewart herself maintains a "diary" for her home. Dates, materials and samples of them, where they were purchased, etc. ,are all recorded her her home diary. How many times have I wished that I had recorded such imformation!

Posted 2012-08-02T03:24:35+0000  by ordjen

I am so glad the MS colors will still be available! That makes my day!! I appreciate the suggestions about keeping good records/paint chips etc of any paint I use to be able to recreate down the road. I am not an organized person and sadly it wouldn't have even occured to me to keep that kind of information. But now I will!

Posted 2012-08-02T22:52:41+0000  by SavvyKat
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