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Martha Stewart Living Paint

I'm interested in having a reflective type of paint surface in my hallway. Do you know which one of the Martha Stewart metallic paint types would work?



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Posted 2012-09-03T19:27:16+0000  by lmgooch lmgooch

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Martha's specialty paints in the half-pint plastic containers as well as her faux selections like Precious Metals, LightStrokes, and Potter's Clay range in sheen from matte flat to satin. None have a true "reflective" sheen on their own.


These products are all water-based, and as such you can overcoat them with


  Polycrylic Gloss.jpga water-based Polycrylic in a gloss sheen to add the reflective look you desire.


Be certain to read the dry-time instructions on your paint ... depending upon which you choose, the dry time can be as short as an hour or as long as 24-hours per coat.


Once you've obtained the overall look you desire and the paint has properly dried, apply your high-gloss clear coat using a high-quality synthetic bristle brush. Keep the brush saturated and make long, flowing strokes ... reload your brush, overlap about one-half inch and make your next long, flowing stroke and continue this pattern until done.


Expect either two or three coats to obtain a smooth, reflective finish.


NOTE: The most common mistake made with polyurethanes is overworking the product. Once you've smoothed-on a full coat, resist the urge to brush back over the surface. Allow the product to dry (according to the label), if required buff sand, remove the sanding dust, and then apply your next coat.

Posted 2012-09-04T13:34:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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