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Martha Stewart Living Project Paints


Martha Stewart Living Project Paints



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Martha Stewart living has added yet another awesome tool to the belt of you DIYer’s and crafter’s.


With autumn right around the corner… it’s time to start planning ahead and brainstorming unique projects that are fun to create.  These 10 oz jars of the Specialty Finishes line of paints will add new dimensions to any homes décor.


Here are six reasons to get excited:

  • Metallic paint (bold and shiny)
  • Textured Metallic paint
  • Metallic glaze (subtle)
  • Crackle finish (different colored cracks that show through)
  • Terra cotta (dries flat matte with a textured finish)
  • Glitter paints (a variety of colors)

Pair these awesome new paints with the Martha Stewart living Decorative Painting Tool Kit and there’s no limit to what you can do.


  • Texture Crackle: Texture Crackle is available in four natural colors and Paintable White. The colors are Oat, Redwood, Sandbar, and Weeping Willow. Crackle is the ideal paint for cabinet doors, mantles, picture frames, and other home decor accents. Texture Crackle creates a weathered finish of random cracks as it dries. Surface needs to be primed with Martha Stewart Primer/Sealer. Thick applications of the Crackle will produce large cracks. Thin applications will produce smaller cracks. Easy clean up with soap and water while wet.
  • Texture Terra Cotta: Terra Cotta creates the look of warm, rustic clay pottery with a fine sandy grit. Easy to apply with a palette/putty knife. No surface prep required. It will cover nail holes or other small imperfections in the surface. Texture Terra Cotta is available in five rustic colors and Paintable Terra Cotta. The colors are Bisque, Potting Soil, Paprika, Tamarind, and Gravel. This is the ideal product to transform flea market finds into beautiful, rustic home accents, adds a spectacular finish to an ordinary vase and much more.
  • Texture Metallic: Texture Metallic is a spreadable paint with metallic flakes that create a shimmering, iron-like finish. Very easy to apply and covers extremely well. No surface prep required. It will cover nail holes or other small imperfections in the surface. Texture Metallics are available in five shimmering colors. The colors are Anchor Gray, Brownstone Brick, Hard Frost, Pyrite, and Lamp Black. This is the ideal paint to revitalize a damaged mirror or any ornate home decor accessory like candle holders, lamp bases, monograms, etc.
  • Glitter: Available in six stunning colors, Glitter Paint has ultra fine particles that reflect light to produce a brilliant, sparkling surface. Ideal for holiday decorating, kids' room decor, or adding a sophisticated. 

Please post your projects to inspire the community and let us know if you have any questions.



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Posted 2011-09-04T16:17:49+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL Kevin_HD_ATL
Posted 2012-05-19T18:12:18+0000  by IGARCIA37



Welcome to the community. Have no fear ThePaintAvenger is here. Paint Pro is on the right track. I need some information to further assist you. For instance what are you painting? Is it a wall an accent peace a craft? If it’s a wall it may be difficult and by that I meant because the glitter is not mixed in to the paint premade from factory. If it’s an accent piece or craft you may be able to buy glitter and mix into the paint. Looking forward to help you on this project.



Posted 2012-05-22T17:22:51+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

Hello IGarcia!


The Martha Living line of specialty paints offers many creative and versatile options for your projects.


Glitter doesn't come in a white base, but you might accomplish the look you desire another way.


I recently helped a customer create a sky full of "glitter stars" on her white ceiling using the Silver Glitter.


We used faux glaze as the base, so the ceiling color would show thru, and thinned ML Silver Glitter using ten-parts faux glaze to one-part glitter. The mixture was rolled onto the ceiling using a 1/4 nap roller to create a thin veil of irregularly spaced glitter stars.


The young lady and her dad were all smiles when they returned to discuss the project.


NOTE: I strongly recommend taping the top of the wall so you can roll the glaze right out to the edge. The problem ... because glaze dries so fast, cutting-in the edge with a brush will create a visible line that will not blend when you roll the whole ceiling. You can eliminate this problem by simply taping the wall and rolling then entire ceiling without cutting-in.



Martha Living Specialty Paints were introduced more than a year ago. Since that time The Community has several threads showing creative solutions. Here are links you may want to follow:


Martha Living Faux Finishes Showing Up In Stores a multi-page thread containing video instruction.


WOW! Martha Living Metallic Glaze a half-moon desk is changed from black lacquer to off-white with metallic glaze accents ... an outstanding project execute by a Community Member. This thread has an instructional video.


Martha Living Potter's Clay a one-page instruction for applying this specialty product.


Martha Living Precious Metals - New Roller Video a brief summary and video showing how to use this new paint tool.

Posted 2012-05-29T13:28:12+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Can the Martha Stewart Terra Cotta Paints be used for something outdoors if I seal it with a clear coat?  Thanks! Tina

Posted 2012-09-10T05:27:20+0000  by angelimno33

Hi Tina!


ML Terra Cotta is an interior only product ... it is also water-based.


So, even if we sold an exterior water-based clear coat, ultraviolet light would eventually cause the color to fade and the paint to break down.


Decorators and event planners frequently use these products for one-time events, however, it is not a good idea long-term.


NOTE: Oil-based exterior clear coats are generally not suitable for application over water-based paints.

Posted 2012-09-11T16:17:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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