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Martha Stewart Precious Metals HELP!

After reading the posts it seems that I'm not the only one having problems. Anyway, I have applied 2 coats of MS mirror glass to my ceiling following the directions to the letter, as well as the tips from the HD experts. I still have column lines and some roller marks. From what I can gather, I'm not going to be able to eliminate this problem so I am seeking to fix it with an alternative measure. I was looking to perhaps use a frottage method (painting an area, applying crumpled plastic and then removing it to leave a vein-y type impression). I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this method with this paint, as well as what the proper paint to glaze ratio would be. I also have glaze extender that I would like to add to give me more open time. Also, I was just going to use the same paint color as I'm not really looking for depth, I just want to get rid of the lap marks and thought this would give me a smoothed out tin foil effect. Does it sound like it would work?
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Posted 2011-07-06T20:09:46+0000  by Agrand Agrand

Hello Agrand,


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Creative solutions ... the thing I love most about our Community.


Our members and guests almost never allow themselves to become stuck during a project. Like you, they find a way to move forward to completion.


Frottage is an excellent idea!!!


Almost every paint product can be mixed with glaze. The standard is four parts glaze to one part paint. Extender is a good idea too, particularly since you're working on the ceiling (a relatively large area).


I would decide how much area you can complete in 30-minutes and apply only enough glaze to work that section.


As an aside, I have customers that use 30-gallon garbage bags rolled into a tube to frottage. They roll the bag into a tube, apply the glaze as wide as the tube, and then roll from the bottom up (or in your case, side-to-side).


Follow up with photos ... other members may want to try your solution.

Posted 2011-07-07T13:00:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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