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Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint

We purchased the Martha Stewart Precious Metals paint in Eagle Brown. The 'sample' that we had selected on the paint display shows a goldish brown background with a  brown 'textured' textured look. The store associate recommended a special roller to use when applying the paint. We planned to paint two walls of the room a dark brown and the other two walls in the Precious Metals paint. We first applied the dark brown to all walls and then applied one coat of the Precious Metals paint to two of the walls (using the special roller that was recommended). What a disappointment! There is absolutely NO texture look to the paint and it is just a brownish/gold with a sheen. I'm not even sure a second coat will improve the situation as there is NO texture look to the first coat as we see in the 'sample'.

Please advise as we are ready to return to the store and discuss a refund.


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Posted 2013-03-24T22:54:00+0000  by Dawnella Dawnella

Sorry for the frustration:smileysad:


The product does require two coats in order to properly cover and assist in the effect.  Try lightly rolling downward from the top of the wall (while the paint is still wet) and not stopping until you reach the bottom of the section.  The specialty roller has tiny strings that kind of "flap" when rolled that helps create the effect.


One more thing; there shouldn't necessarily be a defined texture when you are done. The samples are concentrated and are meant to give a general idea of what the product will look like.


Here is what a wall in our project room looked like when we applied it:



Posted 2013-03-25T15:35:25+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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