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Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint


I was debating using the MS precious metals paint Quayside to do strips for an office in our home. My questions are what flat paint will best match this, but at the same time Im thinking this shade maybe slightly too dark for an office. I planned on doing all white furniture...How tough is this paint to use, and tips/tricks or practices I can do prior?


Is there a site that I can view to see peoples outcomes with the different precious metals paints?




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Posted 2012-08-22T13:59:52+0000  by Schoochie3 Schoochie3

Hey there Kirst,


Thanks for joining our community!~


The Precious Metals paint collection is a really interesting selection of colors and really gives that metallic feel with very little work. As far as matching your Quayside color, are you looking to find the flat equivalent of that color, or a color to compliment it. Bare in mind that since it's a very glossy sheen, a flat paint may not match it quite as well, despite being a similar color.


As for tips and tricks to the application of the paint, I would definitely give a read through the topic: Help with Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint. It contains quite a few different questions from other users and contains great tips from some of our resident paint experts.


In particular, I would pay attention to the input from PatInPaint, especially his awesome video on how to best apply this type of paint. You can view it in his reply here. A great tip that he shares with hopeful painters is that in order to get the best coverage with this type of paint, let your roller sit for a few minutes after rolling it in the paint for the first time. That way the roller saturates in the paint.


Hopefully you'll find all those tips very useful!~ = ) If you have any other questions though, please feel free to reply back.

Posted 2012-08-23T18:37:15+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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