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Martha Stewart Precious Metals. Yikes!

We are attempting to glam up a 100-year old Manhattan bedroom with 10-foot x 12-foot walls, uneven surfaces and chunky moldings.


HD recommended starting with a tinted primer. While we really liked the idea of a lavendar undercoating to give the silver a slight cast in that direction, our test swatch was terrible-- gun metal, streaky when attempting to put on smoothly, and junky when attempting a textured look with a sponge.


Should we just give up with the uneven surfaces we are starting out with? Or can we thin down the metallic to keep the look lavendar with a silvery cast? We also tried the hard frost, liked the way it was more subtle yet sparkly, and can we thin it WAY WAY down to get just a hint of sparkle?


Obviously we are in need of advice!

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Posted 2013-04-16T16:49:31+0000  by Aikiho Aikiho

Gotta Glam, Right Aikiho?!?


Precious Metals can be applied in a variety of ways.


A few days ago another Community Member, Firegirl2169, posted both photos and instruction on fauxing with Precious Metals. Click the link to see her artistic ideas.


In addition, I published a video showing faux techniques with Precious Metals. Have a look!


Finally, Precious Metals that can be thinned with faux glaze to create a very faint shimmer much like you see in this question about Venetian Plaster. Have a look!



When you thin paint, always make certain to use media like faux glaze or Floetrol to maintain the viscosity and prevent the paint from becoming a runny mess.

Posted 2013-04-16T17:17:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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