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Martha Stewart Precious Metals paint - "Froth"

Help! My daughter and I picked up a paint card sample called "froth". Love the color and there is obviously some technique that was used to create the unique finish. But what was it? Can't tell from the brochure, or website and the guys in the paint department were also stumped! I'd gladly buy whatever tool was used to create the effect, but NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT IS! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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Posted 2012-07-25T07:26:20+0000  by 58neene 58neene

Welcome to our community 58neene!


My name is Christine. I work in the paint department at The Home Depot in Atlanta. 


On our community, PatInPaint has demonstrated how to achieve both a smooth and textured finish with the Martha Stewart 'Precious Metals' paint. Click here for a video demonstration.


In the video he mentions the Martha Stewart Faux Finish roller. This comes in both a 9" and 4" size. The 9" roller will fit on a standard 9" roller frame, while the 4" requires a specific frame. This frame should be found in the same area as the faux finish rollers at your local store.


He also mentions a 9" foam roller. This can also fit on a standard roller frame.


I hope this clears everything up for you!


Good luck with your project and let us know how it turns out!


Christine  :smileyhappy:

Posted 2012-07-25T12:24:33+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Is it possible to spray this paint to get a finish that looks more like the card? I would like to use froth in my dining room but have read some reviews where the tin finish comes out streaky or doesn't show the color underneath at all.  Has anyone else had positive or negative experiences with this particular shade? Thanks!

Posted 2013-05-01T13:16:56+0000  by jreuther

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You can spray the Martha Stewart metallic paint. This will give you the smoothest finish for this paint. A little, handheld sprayer would be perfect for this paint.


This paint is pretty thick, but "Froth" is pretty light, so it may show some of the color beneath it. :)


I hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions, please let me know!


Christine :)

Posted 2013-05-01T17:42:45+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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