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Martha Stewart's Crackle Paint

I used the primer and then the crackle paint.  So far, it does not show any sign of crackling and its almost dry.

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Posted 2011-11-17T17:38:53+0000  by yoflo yoflo
Bought a "Folk Art" brand Crackle, and wasn't entirely pleased with it, as it produced 'lines' more than 'crackles'. Decided to pony up for more expensive, better brand product, and got the Martha Stewart Crackle. Utterly a waste. Red basecoat, crackle, Black topcoat. Not a single crack. At first I thought it was because I did it wrong, or didn't mix the materials as it says. Tried again, still nothing. Two craft boxes wasted now. Will be returning. I do not accept "Martha Stewart Primer" is needed to make it work, if it doesn't say so on the packaging. Any primer or basecoat ought to work, just like every other brand.
Posted 2013-06-22T10:14:43+0000  by Chazus
It is very apparent that this product has issues. Aside from the Home Depot representative, there is not one satisfactory result. I would also like to add that the product in no way suggests using MS tools to apply. In fact, it clearly says in the label- apply with a putty knife. It is at best- vague in re to instructions. apart from applying MS primer first, and to apply the crackle product with a putty knife. Thin or thick in re to wanted results. This product should be removed from the shelf. And as far as the representatives rebuttal, "the proof is in the pudding." Your test/opinion vs a multitude of consumers who are at best disappointed after following instructions given on the product. Adding- this is not the only site that has disproved the DYI results. No professional comment necessary, as it is quite obvious, we're not being heard. I will tweet my little heart out.
Posted 2013-12-02T22:37:38+0000  by Katrinalouise
This product is horrible. I purchased it recently and it does not work even with the primer sealer. It literally ruined an entire stencil job I did. Then I find on HD threads, that customers have been complaining for over two years about the product. You should pull it off the shelf.
Posted 2013-12-19T10:29:05+0000  by Binkerdc
I would take it back!!!
Posted 2013-12-25T06:37:12+0000  by willrock08
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