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Masonite plantation bifold doorsi


My rough opening is 80 1/2 and the specs give the finished opening at 80 3/4. Is the system adjustable and will fit or should I look for custom size?



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Posted 2012-11-05T02:47:42+0000  by Remi Remi

Hello Remi and welcome to the community.


Remi 80 ¾ “opening is required to allow for the door adjustment. A bi-fold door installed in a 80 ¾” opening can be adjusted, using a pin on the floor, about 3/8” to 1/2 inch in height.


This said ,if you floor is unleveled for more than a 1/4”-5/16” of an inch over a span of the opening that I would opt for a different size. If the floor is leveled, than I’d say you’re fine with the 80-1/2”


These are the specs from the manuf. website that you can refer to for additional measurements;



Hope this answers your question and please do not hesitate to post back with any further questions you may have.



Posted 2012-11-05T18:18:05+0000  by George_HD_CHI


In a well installed door, the bifold can be lifted up and swung out to remove. However, if you find the clearance really tight, you can loosen the upper bracket and slide it toward the center of the track. This will give enough clearance to put the bottom pin in first and then slide the upper bracket back toward its proper position. Once in position, mark its position in the track to facilitate proper positioning should you have to remove it again in the future. There is usually a type of set screw which holds the bracket in place in the track. If the door is opened partially, the head of the set screw becomes accessible for tightening.

Posted 2012-11-06T05:00:28+0000  by ordjen
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