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Matching existing paint color

We recently had to repair a wall which had been painted with Behr paint about 1 year ago.  Unfortunately, we do not have any of the paint left and cannot remember the name of the color so that we can touch up the repair.  What's the best way to match the paint?  I've seen that some paint companies have smart phone apps where you can take a picture of the paint color for matching.  Anything like that available for Behr?

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Posted 2011-11-17T19:59:08+0000  by esulat esulat

Hey there esulat,


Welcome to the community!~


Sorry to hear about the problems with the repair. But worry not, we've got just the solution for you-- two of them in fact!


Solution #1 - We can color match in-store!

   If you've never taken advantage of our awesome color matching abilities, you've really been missing something great! We can color match colors for our customers off of just about anything. I've had pillows, blankets, carpets, you name it and someone has brought it in to have it color matched. Our super high-tech computer system does the work of reading your color and telling us what the best formula would be for you. What you'll need is a sample of the color that's about 1" x 1" in size. So if you have an area that you can remove from the damaged wall or perhaps some left on the can, that will do just fine = ) Partner up with your local store and we can match it up for you!


Solution #2 - Behr's ColorSmart App

   I'm glad you asked about this one, I'm a big fan of apps and have found that I can rely on my phone for just about anything these days. And right you are that there is an app for just this purpose. It's called ColorSmart by Behr and my colleague PatInPaint actually did a write-up about this awhile back, ColorSmart by Behr App for iPhone.


I've used it before and had great results with it. I did a quick demo here at the office to show you just how easy it is to use!






It gives me the option to either use a stock photo or to take a new photo. So in this case we'll use a new photo and get as close to our subject as possible.



































My apron will serve as our color matching example. I take a new picture of it and from here I want to try and match that nice "Home Depot Orange."





























Here it gives me the ability to pinpoint exactly which color on the photo that I want to pick out. That way I can tell it that I want just the orange and not a part that has a shadow cast on it at all.


In just a few seconds, it pops up with my color, which is Orangeade!


With that knowledge in hand, I can head on up to my local store and let them know that I need some Orangeade.


























And while I'm waiting for the color to be mixed, I can actually use my color match to preview how it will look in sample rooms.


What do you think of my very Home Depot-inspired bathroom? =D




























It's a really handy app to have and should make short work of your matching problem! I would however recommend purchasing a sample size of the color first if you're using the app, as sometimes shadows in the picture can throw it off a bit. Once you're happy with how the match turned out, we can mix up as much Orangeade or which ever color it turns out to be that you need!


I hope this helps you out and let us know how it turns out! I'd love to see some pictures of the area and we can say "Hey, I painted this with an app!" = )



Posted 2011-11-17T22:45:57+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Regarding Home Depots Color Match. DO NOT RELY ON THE COLOR. I have used it twice, and it has failed me twice. They told me to bring in a sample of the drywall, so I brought in a 2inch by 2 inch piece of the wall with the color I was trying to match on it. It was wrong both times. One color was at least 2 shades too light and the other was two shades too dark. So there is not even any consistency in their match system. My advice is that if you choose to utilize this tool, do so with great suspicion. How the color looks in the lighting at Home Depot (when they put their paint on your drywall sample) is very hard to tell if they are a shade or two off. However when you put it on the wall at home and step back, you will see the difference. My advice is to get the samples, several of them (at least three), and put them on the wall at home, let them dry and then step back and judge. From my experience, none of them will be an exact match, but you might get close. You are probably better off choosing a new color and repainting the wall.

Posted 2012-10-16T15:51:29+0000  by Chris75

I matched paint colors several years ago and now want to get more of the exact same color. I've saved the paint can along with the label. I thought I'd just go to the store and they'd enter the numbers off the label and out would come my exact same paint. The guy at the store says they switched computer systems and they can't use the info on the old label to figure out the right color. That sounds crazy to me. Does anyone know how to translate the old color into what ever info they need today. The original info was:


CLRNT    B   C     I

OZ             0   0     0

384th        3   20  2

Posted 2012-10-27T23:33:02+0000  by dkooker
Hi esulat!

It is true that Behr has an app that allows you to take images and then recommends the "most similar" Behr color.

These tools are great for getting into the ball park, but hardly have the ability to actually color match.

At The Paint Pit, however, your local Paint Associate has a spectrometer that (when calibrated properly) makes excellent color matches into almost every paint sold at The Home Depot.

Use a razor knife to cut a one-inch square off the face of your Sheetrock.

Take the sample to your Paint Associate in a baggie or envelope to prevent smudging.

When the match is complete, make certain the color actually matches ... place a dot on the corner of the sample and dry.

Half-pint samples are inexpensive, great for touch up, and available in flat, eggshell, and satin.
Posted 2014-12-04T21:41:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
I have used home depots color match on a recent house renovation and I am totally frustrated, upset, and very disgusted with the fact that they advertise and promote their color match system but I too have even taken the old bucket of paint in and was sent home with a different color. I now have a beautifully spotted 3 bdrm 2700 sq ft country home on over an acre, that im going to have to repaint before I can rent it. Ive gone to the store manager and he told me see that little spot of paint on the lid thats where are sales person checks the color for a match and then says is that your color. I DON'T KNOW IM NOT THE COLOR EXPERT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE !!!!
Posted 2015-05-28T16:22:58+0000  by nunja811
Sorry you had that experience nunja811,

The newest iteration of the color matching machine is on the counter at many Paint Departments.

It uses three lenses to improve accuracy.

However, to improve your satisfaction, simply ask your Paint Associate to repeat the scan until the formula repeats.

Customer Service is the number one thing we sell at The Home Depot.

And taking a bit more time to ensure your color is correct means you'll be satisfied and a regular customer.

After mixing, ask your Paint Associate to dry a dot of paint on your paint sample.

This allows you to ask for an adjustment on the spot, rather than get home and find you don't think it matches.

Finally, if the paint cannot be matched to your satisfaction, simply do not accept the product.

If necessary, ask for the Manager on Duty, show them your sample and explain your concern.

The new color match machine requires a smaller sample, is quicker and much easier to operate, and creates outstanding matches.

The software that drives our tinting machines allows micro-adjustments, so very small color revisions are also possible.

I always ask my customers, "What can I do for you today?"

The question is wide open so they understand that I'll do whatever it takes to help them with their project.

You can expect the same from your Paint Associate.
Posted 2015-10-01T22:53:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Sadly, color match is incredibly unreliable and in my experience HD associates don't transfer old label info, they will do a color match of the old paint.  In the last couple of years I've had about five different colors that I've needed matched, three of which were old Behr paint mixes and none have matched, despite repeated attempts to re-match.  Its frustrating because I really like Behr paint.  Good Luck.
Posted 2016-06-10T15:00:01+0000  by DImyself
I know this is a bit old but I just made an website that matches paint colors between Behr, PPG, and Sherwin Williams:
Posted 2020-03-21T18:19:58+0000  by John7778
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