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Matching paint colors.

How can I match a paint color if I don't have any extra paint?


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Posted 2013-04-17T09:04:47+0000  by bxpat1 bxpat1

Welcome to our community Bxpat1!


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at Home Depot.


The easiest way for us to match your color is by bringing in something that has been painted with the color that you desire. If the paint is on an outlet cover or light switch cover, bring that in and we can color match it. If you don't have something like that, cut out a piece of the wall, preferably a 1" by 1" piece. I always tell my customers to cut out a piece behind a piece of furniture or some place discreet. That way when you patch it will not be glaringly obvious.


Typically, when we do a color match, the color is very close. However, there are cases when the color isn't as close as we want. The paint associate will try to give you the best match possible and sometimes it takes some extra adjusting. ;)


Please let us know if we can help with anything else!


Christine :)  

Posted 2013-04-17T13:43:43+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I will bring in a sample of the color.  Please note I do not know what equipment to use.  You may have received a previous message stating at 70 years it will be my first time painting.  What ever you can tell me will be appreciaed.




Jo Filkins

Posted 2013-04-18T07:33:20+0000  by JOEYS

Would Home Depot be able to match a color used by Pella ?  I have aluminum clad door framing by Pella that is called "Vanilla Cream", but it wouldn't be prudent to cut off a piece to bring in.  Does the paint-mixing computer have standard Pella colors ?  or do I need to go to Pella to obtain a sample ?

Posted 2013-04-18T16:13:26+0000  by jmb20001

Hello JMB20001!


Welcome to The Community!


At the Millwork desk there are often samples of manufacturer's colors ... like Pella.


Ask your Millwork Associate to share their samples and bring them to The Paint Pit.


Your Paint Associate should be able to recreate the color and the sheen in either interior or exterior paint.



You may have to request samples from Pella Customer Service if not available at The Store.

Posted 2013-04-18T17:28:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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