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Maytag Dryer Noise

How do you determine the source of the noise that a dryer is making?  I have taken the front panel off the dryer and turned it on, but how do I determine whether it is the drum rollers or something else, before I purchase parts?

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Posted 2011-10-29T15:30:07+0000  by debsuddarth debsuddarth

Be very careful operating the dryer with the cover off.  You may risk electric shock (power is 220) or get caught on some moving parts. Please unplug the unit before doing anything else.


The noise can be from the belt, the drum support rollers, or a rear drum support bearing.


 The easiest to replace are the drum slider support pads (or rollers) located on the front of the drum just inside the front panel.  Usually attached to the inside housing, they support the drum in position.  The bearing can wear out causing a squealing sound.


Depending on the model, you may have a faulty support bearing.  This will sit in the center of the back of the drum.  I would recommend having this section serviced by a technician.


Another culprit could be from the belt slipping - causing a squeaking sound.  Locate the belt and see if the tension is loose.  Replacing the belt should be with the same manufacturer’s part.



As you can see – there are a lot of possible causes for the noise, but most of the time it’s from the support wheels. 




Posted 2011-10-30T15:05:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thank you for your post.  It is very helpful.

Posted 2011-11-02T02:20:06+0000  by debsuddarth
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