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Maytag French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Problem Support

I just recently purchased a Maytag French Door refrigerator from Home-Depot Tigard branch. Can someone please call me or respond to this email?




Ice Maker stopped making ice





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Posted 2013-07-17T05:03:46+0000  by ddelrosario1954 ddelrosario1954

 Hi Dan,


      There are several things to check before calling Maytag for service.


(1)  Check to see if the water line to the ice maker is kinked, or is shut off.


(2)  Make sure the shut off arm for the icemaker is in the lower or on position. (up is off)


(3)  If you used all of the ice in the bin it will take up to 24 hours to begin ice production again. Ice in the bin helps keep the freezer cold; an empty bin raises the temperature in the freezer.


(4)  Make sure there is no ice jammed in the ejector arm.


(5)  Check the filter; if it is clogged or improperly installed the ice maker will not receive enough water to make ice. Try removing the filter to see if that makes a difference.


(6)  Reverse osmosis water filtration systems lower the water pressure, reducing the amount of water reaching the ice maker.


(7)  The icemaker should not be connected to a softened water supply; softener chemicals (salt) can damage the icemaker and lead to poor quality ice.


If all these items check out, then call Maytag for service. You have a one year parts and labor warranty on the entire refrigerator.



Posted 2013-07-18T17:01:01+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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