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Measuring a Double Hung Twin Window

Hi, I wanted to know how to measure a Double Hung Twin Window. I am remodeling our Master Bedroom and we have Double Hung Twin Windows, How do you measure it.

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Posted 2012-10-10T15:30:18+0000  by joeyjoe888 joeyjoe888

Hi Joeyjoe888,


There are few different ways to measure windows.


Most common ones taken are the frame size and the rough opening size.


Frame size is the actual size of the window including frame and this measurement is taken by measuring the window from the outside of the frame to the outside of the frame, from left to right and top to bottom.


Rough opening size is the size of the opening that window is getting installed in to. Rough opening is measured form stud to stud, left to right, top to bottom.


When measuring windows, especially larger ones, it is recommended to take three measurements...


This is done to assure that window/opening is in square.


More about How to Measure a Window you can watch here.

 how to measure a window.jpg

I prefer rough opening sizes. In my opinion this is the most accurate and forgiving way to measure windows. To measure a rough opening on an already installed window you would need to remove the window casing first. To do this simply take a razor knife and carefully cut where the casing meets the drywall as well as the window all the way around, place a block of wood on the drywall (to avoid damaging while prying the trim off), and use a small pry bar to remove the casing. Once removed you should be able to clearly see/measure studs and also any issues that may need to be corrected.


Don’t worry about windows being twin windows … this is simply a design feature to avoid having one large window and obviously something you would need to point out when ordering.


Hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to post with any comments/questions you may have.



Posted 2012-10-15T17:57:39+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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