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Medicine Cabinet Hinges keep breaking

I bought a medicine cabinet a few years ago. In the first year I had two hinges break and then a third one snapped off by and now a fourth one is broken.

I was able to glue the first three broken hinges onto the wooden mirror backing with gorilla glue which worked better and longer than the factory glue. My problem now is that that I can glue one hinge on, unscrewing the other one to install it but two fixed hinges cannot be attached to a single pane of glass as one needs to be tightened while holding the mirror in place. 

All three mirrors have at least one broken hinge and this last one has two broken hinges. How do I get the glass and/or hinges replaced?

I have photos but no one bothered fixing the add pictures link since the last 5 complaints about not being able to forward pictures from others with the same broken hinge issue. I see now why Anazin is taking the retail world by storm 

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Posted 2018-05-21T14:15:09+0000  by TheraPetAndy TheraPetAndy
Hi TheraPetAndy

I am sorry you have had so many issues with your medicine cabinet, unfortunately most of the cabinets like yours are produced off shore and repair parts are not available. Please take your photos to the Home Depot store nearest your home and speak to a manager. Explain to him or her your ongoing issues with the cabinet and I am sure they will be able to offer some compensation in the form of a discount on a new cabinet.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Posted 2018-05-21T18:36:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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