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Medicine cabinet mirror replacement

Hi, i just recently moved in to a new house and two out of the three medicine cabinet mirrors broke and are gone. I can order new glass ones but im not sure how to replace it.  The remaining one has a thin wooden back to screw it into a hinge. It actually is the exact same medicine cabinet as david asked about on this forum. It is not a recessed cabinet and the doors open and close by magnet.  How would i go about getting this backing and connecting it to the glass? I'm having trouble uploading pictures so im sorry if its not clear. Thanx

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Posted 2016-02-26T19:29:07+0000  by Isaac123 Isaac123

Hello Isaac123, and welcome to the community! 

Sorry about the issue with uploading pictures, we are working on a fix. If you click on my name Angelo_HD_CHI, my email is under my profile and you can send the pictures to me.   

Without knowing the exact make & model number of the medicine cabinet, I don't know if a replacement panel is possible. You can order the exact size mirror from a local mirror store, as for the removal of the remaining shards of mirror,  you would need to bring in one of the panels so we could take a look at it and see how to remedy the problem. You might be better off just replacing the medicine cabinet if the repair cost are more than new. 

Posted 2016-02-26T20:48:00+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi Angelo,

I also have the same cabinet as Isaac and David, I dont have a broken mirror but the pot metal hinge on the middle door broke. Glass shop can't get hinge. I can't find a manufacturer or model number anywhere on the cabinet. Has anyone found any numbers or where to order another door?

Posted 2017-11-15T16:59:25+0000  by Docpage
Same cabinet, same issue with all 3 mirrors. Was anyone able to find help? The cabinet looks ridiculous without mirrors.
Posted 2019-02-19T15:16:32+0000  by Becky123
I have 3 medicine cabinets with the same issue - hinges (pot metal) disintegrated on all 3.  Cabinets purchased thru home depot sometime in 2006.  Hinges are riveted to the board used as backing for the mirror.   Glass specialist said that he could not replace the hinges.  Cabinet brand is MasterBath, which was sold to RSI, which is now owned by American Woodmark.   Local HD staff have tried to help but apparently there is no help for this problem.   I still have the original brochure - the model # for the 18" recessed, swing door cabinet is SMB18-PM, the last 2 letters being the code for the finish.  Good luck. 
Posted 2019-09-28T22:17:54+0000  by DGS
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