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Megal gazebo frame assembly instructions

I've purchased a used metal gazebo frame and need to dissassemble, move and reassemble. It is 10'x10' and has a single (not a double tiered) tent peak. I have a Toyota Tundra with Leer cap. Hope to disassemble it as little as possible, but need to be able to safely transport safely. I'm 5'4 and know I'll need to take a step ladder. Will also take a power drill. Final step is to transport by boat to an island,, so want to make sure I know what to expect and have all necessary tools with me, This is my first time consulting a board like this.Please advise if I should post to a different location etc. Many thanks!

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Posted 2013-10-03T22:32:18+0000  by mosaicmomma mosaicmomma

Hello mosaicmomma and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


Congratulations on the new addition.  First I suggest taking a series of photos from various angles so you remember what it should look like when you reassemble it.  (I learned this from experience!)


I also recommend a variety of sizes of reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and a permanent marker for labeling small parts.  Be sure to label where the parts should go (another of my learning experiences!)


A step ladder and a friend (or two) are greatly advised. 


What is the condition of the metal gazebo?  Will you need to use a lubricant like WD40 to help coax nuts, bolts, and screws loose? Definitely bring an assortment of wrenches and screwdrivers to help with the small parts.


Will you need rope or chain to secure the parts to the truck during transport?  If the gazebo hangs out the back of the truck, please use a red flag tied to the end for safe transport.


How is the existing gazebo secured to the ground?  I recommend outdoor stakes, tie-down stakes, or other anchoring devices so the structure will not be affected by strong winds at the new location. 


You have a single tent peak.  Is there any fabric attached?  Check the condition and sew or iron a patch as necessary. 


What type of metal is the gazebo?  Does it need a ”touch-up” when it arrives on its island destination?  Consider lightly sanding or removing any paint chips or flakes then freshening up the color with a metal spray paint and primer if needed.  Remember to cover the area with a plastic tarp and use a respirator when spraying. 


If you know the manufacturer of the gazebo, you may be able to order replacement parts and find the instruction manual online.


Best wishes on your project and please keep us posted on your progress!


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Posted 2013-10-04T14:43:37+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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