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Melnor 4 valve timer - do I need four filters or one before the timer?

I am installing a 4 valve automatic timer for a drip system.  Do I need ot put a pressure regulator and filter on each valve or can I just use one connected to the faucet before the timer?
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Posted 2017-11-12T05:16:41+0000  by Baatkaro Baatkaro
Hello Baatkaro.  Welcome to the Community!

I would put a filter, if needed, ahead of the timer so you only would need one. 

If your water pressure is betweem 20 and 80 psi, then no regulator would be needed.  Typically you will find water pressure in the 40's.  Over 80 and you definitely need to cut it down as that high pressure may damage the timer valve system.

Do you have a well water system?  Municipal water is normally clean and pressure regulated so that you would not need anything ahead of the timer.


Posted 2017-11-14T15:31:27+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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