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Metal Fencing

I have always been in awe of the old wrought iron fencing that corral the public parks and that surround the state and federal buildings in the city of Boston. Ornate spires of iron work twist and turn out of concrete window sills throughout the city, creating a lattice of metal work that adds beauty to windows as well as safeguarding them from invasion, or the entry of unwanted guests.

Intricate iron work can look as delicate as a filigree sterling pendant, but the lasting and solid constitution of the functional art form is not to be “taken lightly”, while some of the brick and mortar of buildings in Boston crumble and decay from age, the gorgeous iron work remains undisturbed, unblemished just holding on to whatever it can to remain....and it still looks, somehow, dignified.

Tall iron fence systems define and wrap around abandoned lots in the city where once beautiful gardens grew, the iron work is evidence that at one point in history someone care enough to invest in such a beautiful fence to mark the space.

The extraordinary wrought iron fence that encompasses, Boston’s Public Garden, the crown jewel of Boston’s park system, and the first botanical garden in United States, stands as beautiful, and erect today, as it was the day it was installed over a hundred years ago in 1867.  


The paths throughout the Public garden are lined with small iron posts link by thick, chunky, chain; follow the age old chain guide to see the many beautiful gardens, the chains also usher the tourist into lines for admission to the iconic Swan Boats. Even the smallest iron work fence makes a firm, unobtrusive, lovely antique, boundary.



Historic Boston burial grounds display incredible, artistic, iron work that delineate family burial plots, these custom works were most likely commissioned and are original, one-of-a kind, iron masterpieces.

Metal fencing is a classic, elegant, and traditional fence choice for homes all over the world, it is a timeless, functional, and also a accent feature, for any type, any era, or any style home. Metal fencing clearly defines property boundaries, but offers sun light, air movement, and growth to freely happen among the open design network that a metal fence has to offer.

Easy to install, classic reproduction metal fencing is available at your local Home Depot. In the garden department we offer the Empire fence, and on Home Depot .com check out the Roxbury line. These a great fencing system, it is very popular with city dwellers that have small yards or are renting and do not want to invest in a permanent fence. The metal fence sections are easy to handle and easy to install with a spike post that can be driven into the ground by hand., it looks elegant, and classic, the system also has a gate section that is just as easy to install, pet owners, and parents of small children love this fence. I have been told by many customers that the fences system is extremely durable, and they would recommend it to anyone!

Specrail Roxbury Garden Perimeter 3 ft. W x 2 ft. H Aluminum Garden Gate Fence GateRoxbury Gate Section

The Home Depot has the option of choosing a beautiful metal fence, then we can have it installed for you, it is just that simple! Stop by your local Home Depot, speak with any associate about setting up an at home consultation on fencing, your options are limitless.


There are so many metal fencing choices on Home too!


Add a bit of classic elegance to your home with a metal fence or just a metal accent piece, a trellis, an arbor, or just add a little wire garden edge fence. True wrought iron and cast iron fencing is a thing of the past, a lost functional art form that I I will always marvel, and be enchanted by.

Destiny Garden Arbor with Gate

Create the charm of old time iron work with a few choice selections of new metal work


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