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Metal cutting/ carving

Im looking for supplies I can find in my local home depot store for metal cutting/carving so I can have something to do with my free time. I also want these supplies to not cost much. Any ideas?
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Posted 2012-04-22T20:09:22+0000  by Kellyjm011 Kellyjm011

There's always aircraft snips and Dremel (or other manufacturers) rotary tools.

And don't forget files and grinders:

You should also purchase some personal safety equipment:


The rotary tools and the grinders have a variety of accessory parts and pieces available: cut-off discs, polishing pads, grinding discs and bits, etc.


If you want to do a lot of sheet metal work, there's always electric shears:


I didn't mention the welding machines and gas torches, but some stores have these as well. This should give you some ideas and get you started looking. I'm sure others will chime in with their thoughts.

Posted 2012-04-22T20:53:50+0000  by Paul
I'm mainly wanting to make jewelry such as rings and bracelets out of metal. Will these tools said above be right for that?
Posted 2012-04-22T22:39:48+0000  by Kellyjm011

Probably not. About the only thing at THD that might be useful to you would be the rotary tools, Dremel and the like.


You're probably better off going to a Bead Shop type place or a craft store similar to Jo-Ann's, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They'll not only have the appropriate hand tools, mallets, work blocks, stamps, accessories and supplies, but they'll also have the soldering and brazing equipment you'll need.


I was just in a bead store this weekend with my 3yo daughter getting some stretchy floss to fix a couple of her bracelets. They had all kinds of metal working stuff for making jewelry.

Posted 2012-04-23T01:46:29+0000  by Paul
Thanks so much and I'll keep the other tools in mind of I ever want to do bigger jobs
Posted 2012-04-23T02:04:45+0000  by Kellyjm011

I've found that when I needed to grab some basic art supplies, your local Home Depot really has the best tools to start projects out right. 


One of my favorite ones that you can use to manipulate basic forms of high-gauge metal is a good pair of needle-nose pliers.

needle-nose pliers by Irwin


I have a friend that made childrens bracelets and lots of materials she bought was from our store. Another great item I spied in her workshop was a bench vise. This is a very important item to have when you want to clamp down and manipulate metal to your liking.

bench vise


I would also recommend you visit any trade fairs, conventions, or festivals where metal jewelry workers are present. Although its good to find and research info online, its much better to talk to a pro one-on-one and see their work in person. It gives you more inspiration and guidance to see what kind of creations you'd like to make yourself.


Have a great day,


Posted 2012-04-30T20:08:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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