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Metallic Paint or Metallic Glaze on a White Wood/Wicker Armoire?



I have a white, wood and wicker armoire that houses my 26" tv.  I would like it to have to have silver/copper/gold highlights (sort of shabby chic).  The doors and 3 drawers are wicker on the front.  I still like the ehitebut want to add some bling and funkiness to it:)


What base/primer should i use?  also Glaze or paint (currently bought MS glazes: copper penny, mercury and gold.  I have not startd the project yet.  I know if you want gold you use a yellow or brown base.  Not sure what to do because I totally want to see the white plus the copper, silver and gold.
















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Posted 2012-11-25T21:01:03+0000  by lightwalker lightwalker

Hello Lightwalker (love the name:smileywink:)  I wanted to thank you for joining the community.


Because of the possibility of the wicker being painted with a professional grade paint like epoxy or lacquer..You will want to prime the surfaces that you intend to add the metallic paints to.  Use an oil based primer like Kilz or Cover-stain so that it will adhere to the industrial coating.


kilz spray.jpgcoverstain spray.jpg


Either the glaze or the metallic paint will be fine - just keep in mind that it will require several coats to get proper coverage.  You had a good point about base coating under each color. I would try and match our Behr Ultra paint in the sample size to save on the cost.  You will still need at least two coats of the metallic paint for proper coverage.

Posted 2012-11-26T15:13:50+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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