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Microwave Shelf..

I am wanting to build a microwave shelf above my for ANY/ALL advice..

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Posted 2013-04-17T20:08:34+0000  by LauraM LauraM

Hi LauraM,


Installing a microwave above the stove is not a difficult task. Let me ask, do you have a range hood now? If so does it have an exhaust fan? How about a light?


If so you might consider purchasing an Over the Range Microwave which is designed specifically for this application.


They have an exhaust fan, a light and the ability to filter the air and carry away the smoke and fumes created by your stove, in addition to a full featured microwave oven.


Installation is easy especially if you have a range hood now. The range hood can be removed and the microwave hung in its place.


If you do not have a range hood an over the range microwave is still a good choice. It can be mounted on the wall and will offer you the fan and light needed for a stove.


If you prefer to use a shelf and countertop microwave, the shelf should be able to support up to 50 pounds.


It must be at least 18 inches above the stove top to assure easy access to the stove and burner controls.


Make sure the shelf has a slight rearward tilt and a small lip on the front so the microwave does not slide forward when the door is opened.


Consider placing an under cabinet light on the bottom side of the shelf, as the store will get less direct light to the cooking surface with the shelf in place.


Consider the height of the shelf, 18 inches is the recommended minimum height above a stove; will all of the household members be able to reach the door and controls?


Is there an electrical outlet above the stove to power the microwave? Or will the cord be hanging down and in the way?


I hope these ideas are helpful, lets us know how the project turns out.



Posted 2013-04-18T18:32:45+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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