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Military Discount Online Ordering

I am trying to purchase an expensive item that is only available for purchase online.  I went to the #6201 store to show my military discount eligibility and have them order it and apply the discount.  They could not apply the discount so they called the online department who said yes we can do that but then no we can't. So how do I order this item with the discount?
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Posted 2017-04-09T17:23:57+0000  by DonnaP DonnaP
So they still have not resolved this issue. Bottom line they tried a test program and cancelled it. The reason they don’t offer it online is because too many people were taking advantage if it. Poor business and marketing decision, made by those who are focused more on profit margins than customer loyalty. I did get a corporate support number that we could call to ensure the issue is elevated to the appropriate level. 
(770) 433-8211
Also, for your awareness the email I sent is below. 


I recently chatted with a customer service representative online regarding your military discount for online purchases. He informed me that while Home Depot had a pilot program to allow the discount online, it was not fully launched. I also understand that until Home Depot can verify military status you will not offer the discount online because too many people were ‘abusing’ the discount. As a senior military leader and a business professional, I would like to point out some serious flaws with this logic and decision. Please forward this to the appropriate level of management as many issues are frequently not elevated appropriately. 

First, thank you for offering a military discount at all I know you don’t have to. 

Second, Home Depot has won multiple awards from military organizations for its policies. This current status begins to erode that. 

Also, if Lowe’s can figure out how to validate status, then Home Depot should be able to very simply.  In fact, many online retailers use multiple means by which to validate it. In the mean time, Home Depot should continue to offer online discounts even if there are dishonest people who may take advantage of it. 

By ‘protecting’ the profit margin you also alienate some of your most loyal customers and push us directly to your biggest competitor. In essence, Home Depot has decided to exchange saving  some 10% discounts and yet lose hundreds to thousands of dollars per actual military customer, multiplied by however many of us decide to jump ship for as long as we are customers. While some may return eventually, you have no method of communicating to that very large military population directly, and may lose them indefinitely. While a justified ‘accounting’ decision I don’t know that it adheres to your company ethos and at a minimum is not a good marketing decision. If customer losses and future lost sales are taken into account, it is probably not even a financially sound decision let alone a customer relations issue. 

Finally, while you may have difficulty building a program that prevents fraudulent representation, you air Home Depot’s inability to remain cutting edge at the expense of your reputation and loyalty of those patrons who provide your company the freedom to operate in this great nation. 

I strongly suggest you re-implement military discounts online immediately to prevent future customer loss, and then work diligently to find a validation method. For example Lowe’s simply requires people to confirm their status in store and link that to a registered MyLowes account. Pretty simple, but there are plenty of other solutions. 

Good luck and God bless.

Posted 2018-06-27T02:17:22+0000  by Marinezl
Marinezi has posted an EXCELLENT response to this issue.  A few years ago we were able to purchase a microwave online (while AT the store's customer service desk) that was unavailable in the store, and the military discount was applied as long as we picked it up at the store.  More recently we were told by poorly trained customer service reps  that "we have NEVER given military discounts on orders placed at the store".   We even have our receipt for that purchase which was made at that same store.  But, "no we have NEVER done that" - i.e.,  translate that to "you are lying".   Aside from the fact that Home Depot needs to better train their store personnel to actually remember that they are there to service the customer and not insult them, this issue needs to be addressed.  As others have said, Lowes has figured it out - and your losses are their gains.  
Posted 2018-06-28T23:32:31+0000  by Nrau
Perhaps it would beneficial if Home Depot used a service like:

This service is endorsed by the VA, USAA, other financial institutions, schools and government.

Lowes is seriously beating you with the veterans.

Posted 2018-07-13T18:16:37+0000  by B52Junebug

In addition to Home Depot not honoring the 10% military discount on line, at stores a large number of items are not being discounted.  

Home Depot also has a price match, match Loews 10% military discount on all items in store or on line. Or is this another advertisement that’s not 100% accurate?

Lows policy is so good that last year  we order a lamp on line and found  it cheaper at another site, Lowes honored the price and added the discount on top of that. 

Home Depot is only in it for the good publicity, not the gratitude to the Military or vets.

Posted 2019-04-26T16:34:57+0000  by zimmermann8
I took the time to register on-line just so I could respond to this post.  As of 6/1/2019, Home Depot still does not offer an on-line military discount.  I had found something on-line that stated to call the Customer Service number to place an on-line order and they can apply the military discount (I did not find this information on Home Depot's website).  I found out once I called that this was not accurate and military discount can only be applied at the store when the item is in stock.  This is very unfortunate.  I do the majority of my shopping at Lowe's. They always take care of their military customers and there is also not a limit on the amount the discount will be applied to. (Home Depot caps it at $500)  I would have ordered my product at Lowe's, but they did not have the outdoor shed that I preferred.  I found the exact same one on Wayfair.  It was not only a few dollars cheaper, but they offered free shipping.  It would have cost me $55 to have it shipped to my house from Home Depot.  Home Depot ... you need to get on board with your competitors.
Posted 2019-06-02T03:57:39+0000  by BBaker
Let me jump in here, From Home Depots Official Military Discount found under Customer Care, I quote "The 10% discount is for in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000."
It seems to me, if you go to the in store order desk to place your order and show your ID Card, the discount should be honored.

Posted 2019-06-17T21:25:44+0000  by July51
I'm starting a landscaping company and just priced out several thousand dollars worth of equipment. Then I wasted about half an hour learning that HD does not offer their military discount online. They have lost my business.
Posted 2020-02-22T19:35:33+0000  by SagaS
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