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Millwork - Interior Doors Part 1


Hello everyone!


My name is George and for you guys who haven’t viewed my profile yet I’m a Pro Sales associate here at the Chicago area Home Depot.


Today I wanted to take an opportunity here and start a series of posts about doors and windows we have available in our stores and by special order. This will be part one of a three part series that will cover interior doors, exterior doors and windows.


So let's get started with Part 1 Interior Doors (residential and commercial) first! Here are a few things that I will cover:


  • An overview of what we carry
  • Good, better, best
  • And step by step Installation


Interior doors


If you happen to be standing in the Door & Window department of The Home Depot and you need to order an interior door for your home, you would find that there are four different material options out there available for your selection.


1. Hollow core molded and flush interior doors

2. Solid core interior doors

3. Solid wood interior doors

4. Interior steel doors



Hollow core molded doors are mostly constructed from a fiber core type of material. They are very lightweight and have interwoven corrugated fiberboards cells in between outer skins in place of solid core. Flush hollow core doors are identical to molded but with wood veneer instead of extruded skins. Both of these doors are good and affordable option that can completely change an appearance of your home improving its style and functionality at the same time.


Solid core doors are esthetically identical to hollow core doors ,the only difference it’s in the actual core of the door were core is solid in oppose to hollow providing an additional structural durability and soundproofing. Overall these doors are better option and investment than hollow doors.


Solid wood doors, with these doors you get best of the both worlds, in my opinion, an excellent durability, endless finishing options and that unmatched natural look.


Steel doors are versatile and mostly used in commercial applications; they feature superior security, fire rating and traffic durability needed in commercial applications. Note that these doors can be ordered as a slab, with a knock down frame or assembled.


Now these are materials these doors are available in,  not the types or styles of the doors.

Almost all of these doors are available in the following types;


  • All panel – these are most common interior doors and they are mainly used to connect two inside rooms or as a closet door.


All panel doors are available in wealth of different styles and finishes and to keep this post manageable I’m only  going to attach pictures of the styles that are most commonly inquired about;

Interior doors selection.JPG



From top left to the right;

Four panel, three panel ,five panel ,one panel, two panel, stain grade flush, two panel arch top, six panel, simple three panel and again two panel arch top.

 arch top door.JPG




  • Glass panel-these types of doors allow for natural light to pass between rooms. They are very stylish and they can give your home that modern contemporary look or that old traditional cozy full of natural light feel.  I found these doors to be an excellent option when trying to achieve that open feel in your home but at the same time you have a need for the separate room(s), especially when installed double. Note that some of these doors can also be ordered with a half glass panel as well.Glass panel interior doors.JPG


                From left to right;

                15-lite, decorative, decorative glass and double


 Glass door.JPG


  • Louver – these types of doors are made from series of horizontal slats in place of the solid panels. Louvered doors are designed to permit ventilation or to provide a combustible air in between rooms or enclosed space but at the same time still giving you that privacy you would get with the all panel door. Note that louvered doors can be ordered half louver or full louver and also solid wood or primed finger jointed in material option.

 Louvered doors selection.JPG


   Half and full louver

Louver Door.JPG

  • Bi-Fold- these doors are a segmented hinged doors that are hung on to the horizontal head track and fold to the side when opened. Bi folds are available in all panel or louver option and primed or solid wood in material option.

 Bi-Fold doors selection.JPG

 Bi-fold Door.JPG

I think we are ready for the installation now :smileyvery-happy:

Well I won’t start with an installation on this page but if you click HERE you will get directed to the page with detailed illustrated instructions and step by step guide on How-To install one of these beautiful doors.:smileywink:


Hope this helps.



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