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Mini How-To's for a Perfect Holiday

The Holidays are here!


With the holidays right around the corner – now is a great time to start planning for this very busy time of the year.

Probably one of the first steps towards a successful holiday season is preventative maintenance. Making sure key components are in place can be very important.  Below, I have curated some tips from around the forums that can help you get prepared for this holiday season.





Take a look at these tips from Designinwomen on how to ensure a great Holiday Sucess.



Here is some additional help from our very own Designingwoman pulled off of another post of hers:


  • Basic Electrical Safety Inside and Outside
  • Inspect decorations, cords, plugs, and wiring for any sign of damage. Replace those that are cracked, frayed, or have bare wires.
  • Keep debris away from outdoor lighting, outlets, and power cords.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and safety equipment (like goggles and gloves) when installing decorations.
  • Holiday Lights
  • Make sure all items used are approved for decorating purposes.
  • Check packaging for the maximum number of light strands that may be connected to an outlet.
  • NEVER overload an outlet.
  • Extension Cord Safety
  • Make sure the extension cord you use is rated for the products used.  Cords are marked for either indoor or outdoor use.   Do not mix indoor and outdoor rated cords!
  • Do not connect extension cords to each other.  Use a longer cord if necessary.
  • Timers
  • Turn off lights and other decorations when you leave or go to bed.   Using a timer will automatically turn decorations off (and on).
  • Exterior Outlets
  • Protect outlets from the elements by keeping them covered when not in use.
  • GCFI outlets are your best protection against severe shocks.
  • Up On the Roof (and Other High Places)
  • Metal ladders conduct electricity, so use wooden or fiberglass ladders near electrical wiring.
  • Ensure you will not accidentally come in contact with overhead power lines.   Always assume overhead lines are energized.
  • Holiday Trees
  • Keep your tree hydrated by cutting the base so it can absorb water.  Fill the tree stand with water daily.
  • To reduce fire hazards, avoid trees with dry needles.





Front Door:


              door2.jpg      red paint.JPG



   The front door to your home is the first thing that your holiday guests will see before entering. Changing the color of your front door or giving it a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to kick off the holiday season. Consider painting it a bright red color and hanging a deep green wreath with gold accents.


Outdoor lights:


Hanging lights on the gutters is a long standing tradition around the holidays. Below is a link to a post from Chrisfixit on the community about exterior holiday lighting safety tips.Just recall some of those holiday comedy movies you’ve seen and you will appreciate the details given here.           


                                            gutter lights.JPG



Holiday inflatables:




Nothing says the holidays are here like a giant snowman towering over your house.  Below is a great video from our own BlakeTheDiyGuy that walks you through proper set-up of holiday inflatables with safety tips.





For lots more on holiday ideas - check out our holiday decoration page.



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