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Minor valve leak on grill

I got a used grill which upon first trying it out had a major leak in the regulator; you could hear the propane hissing out when you turned the tank valve on, and after having the grill on for a minute the heat or a spark from the grill ignited the escaping propane and the tank was basically spewing out several feet of flames. It was pretty epic!


However, I didn't suppose grilling that way was very efficient so I purchased a new regulator hose, removed the old one from my grill, put the new one on, and turned on the tank. The regulator works fine but I noticed there is a minor leak around the hose where I connected it to the grill. I did a soap test and it would bubble slowly when the tank is on. I tried tightening the connection as much as possible.


Is that small leak something I should be worried about? This is the first grill I've ever had, and the spewing flames was a bit of a surprise, so I'm probably a little cautious now. Is there an easy way to seal the valve connection? I'm talking about where the hose connects to the grill, not where the regulator attaches to the tank.


Thanks for any tips!



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Posted 2013-04-27T23:18:23+0000  by abeall abeall
There is teflon tape (the red kind) that is made for gas, if it is a screw type fitting.
Posted 2013-04-28T05:04:22+0000  by dporter557

I would consider yourself a very lucky person to not have gotten seriously hurt.  I agree that teflon tape is the easiest way to stop that leak as long as the tape is rated for gas lines.  you just have to remember to wrap the tape the right way or else it will just ball itself up and not do anything to stop the leak.  If you are not sure what way to wrap it bring the regulator hose in with you when you go to get the teflon tape and ask a Home Depot associate to help you out.

Posted 2013-04-28T14:44:08+0000  by joshcameron
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