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Mobile home

The plumbing vent cap on my mobile home is broken/leaking. How do I replace it and what other supplies are needed besides a new cap?
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Posted 2016-02-05T07:27:29+0000  by repairlady1 repairlady1

Hello repairlady1, and welcome to the community!  

Can you please post some pictures of the broken/leaking vent on your mobile home, then we can try to determine what needs to be done. The more pictures the better from different angles, if you could please. 


Posted 2016-02-05T15:15:05+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hello repairlady1.

Typically, a plumbing air vent looks something like this:

What it does is allow venting of the drain when a vacuum condition exists, while not allowing water to leak out when there is water draining above the height of the vent, (pressure condition).  If your vent gets clogged with any debris inside, or has just simply worn out and lost its seal, then it can leak.

The simple fix is usually simply a matter of unscrewing the vent from its adapter and installing a new one.


Posted 2016-02-05T17:51:28+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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