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Mobile home floors

I am wanting to remove the carpet in my bathroom.  We have particle board subfloors.  My question is what to seal it with until I am ready to do a complete renovation?  I just want the carpet out ASAP. 
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Posted 2015-06-15T18:33:27+0000  by Nat2015 Nat2015
If it's for a short period of time before you re-carpet I wouldn't worry about doing anything.  Otherwise just use floor paint.  Behr calls it "Porch and Patio Floor Paint" but it can be used for interiors too.

Posted 2015-06-15T19:40:41+0000  by Adam444
Hey Nat2015!

Flooring primer, like Behr #436, is a bonding agent that will promote adhesion when you install your new floor, but will also help keep your particle board from fracturing.

The only downside is primer will begin to oxidize and become chalky in about 30-days.

If you're not able to install your new floor within 30-days, then simply apply the topcoat which Adam recommends, Behr Porch and Floor
Posted 2015-06-16T16:57:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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