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Morning, I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan . It will not change directions with the remote? Ideas?

Have a large ceiling fan. The Altura model. It is on a very high ceiling so I have to use a remote. Today the reverse does not work. If I push reverse while it is on slow it just speeds up. If I push reverse when off the direction does not change. The fan is very hard to get to because of the ceiling height so am hoping it is a remote problem.

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Posted 2013-11-06T13:35:21+0000  by docrach1 docrach1

Good morning docrach1,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


There are many types of the Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fans, but I think the 68 inch Oil Rubbed Bronze version is the one you may have.


I have the owners manual for reference, if you don't have yours. Click on the fan below to read it.

Altura 68 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan


Unfortunately, the culprit to this is most likely your receiver that is located inside the fan. If you've checked the battery and the dip switch combination in your remote, the receiver is likely the case why your fan isn't working properly.


I believe this type of receiver must be purchased directly through Hampton Bay, and cannot be purchased at the store. We do sell replacement remote controls/receivers, but yours is more integrated and is specific to the Altura.


To get the replacement receiver, you will need to get the model number and SKU of the fan. It is written on top of the fan motor housing. Or since it is high up, you can get the info from the links provided, so you can get the right replacement.


Contact Hampton Bay's customer service hotline below and they can get you squared away with a new receiver for your ceiling fan.



I realize your fan is high up, but replacing the receiver should be the best solution for the problems your fan is experiencing.


Please let me know if this has assisted you, and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Posted 2013-11-06T14:27:50+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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