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Mosquitos...Be Gone!


 Ever wonder why you are the chosen one? 



It’s summer, a perfect time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Imagine…you are invited to a cookout with family and friends… and while you are having a great time, you suddenly remember that you are the chosen one! 


You feel the first bite… but within minutes, even seconds you are being eaten alive! 


The cookout… is not that fun after all.


 If you can relate…so can I.  I am always the one that is “most eaten” and often wonder why?  I will be standing in a group of people, and I am the only one swatting and scratching.  Now I have welts all over my body and I either want to go inside or go home!


 Well…I did a little research about mosquito's and here is what I found.


As we all know, mosquito's are small nuisance insects that consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans.  They not only bite us and make us itch but some of them can carry diseases such as dengue virus, EEE, West Nile Virus and Malaria.


They multiply rather quickly and it’s the females that are attracted to standing bodies of water to lay their eggs.



There are 4 stages of life for the mosquito.  The egg, larva, pupa and adult stage.  The mosquito is ready for mating once they reach the pupa stage.  Depending on the type of mosquito, eggs can hatch in as little as 5 days or more commonly within 40 days.


Typically once a mosquito has reached the adult stage, a male can live for approximately 7 days and a female can live 1-2 weeks.





The female mosquito requires the nutrients of blood meal before she is able to produce eggs.  This is why they are searching for humans to bite.  Each female can hold up to 3 times its own weight of human (or other) blood in its abdomen.

Mosquito Abdomen Filled with Blood



When searching for food, a mosquito can detect its prey within 50 meters.  They search for the person with the best body chemicals and heat sensors. 



So, who are the chosen people that mosquito's are attracted to?  There is a little debate and some scientists question if it is true but the following are characteristics that are more desirable to the mosquito. 


·         Type O Blood

·         Heavy Breathers

·         Body Heat

·         Skin Bacteria- Sweaty and Dirty

·         Pregnant Woman


Now that we know a little history about why we are bitten by the mosquito…  Let’s try and figure out how we can survive with them, without it ruining our lives.


Some things we can avoid and try to prevent.  Remove anything with standing water in it.

·         Clogged Gutters

·         Wheelbarrows

·         Bird Baths

·         Kiddie Pools

·         Pet Water Bowls

·         Old Tires


Next, you can spray your yard.  There are many yard products on the market that have a residual that lasts for weeks.  These sprays come in foggers or hose end sprayers and are very effective prior to a party or for regular prevention of mosquitoes.


Mosquito Sprays and Foggers



Here are some of the other Mosquito Products that are also available. 





You can also add mosquito repelling plants on your patio or landscape.


·         Citronella Plant

·         Lemon Grass

·         Ageratum

·         Catnip

·         Marigolds

·         Scented Geraniums

Mosquito Plant in Planter


Lastly, don’t forget the clip-on’s and the sprays.


Mosquito Control



If all else fails…get some netting!




Good Luck!  I hope you win the war against the mosquito!

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Posted 2014-07-09T19:34:21+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS Jen_HD_BOS

Great post Jen!!


That reminds me of one of my experiences with mosquitoes back when I was young boy.


When I lived in Minnesota, we had a raspberry patch next to our garden.  My mother and I were both dressed in long sleeved shirts and a hat to try and prevent being eaten alive by the hordes of mosquitoes that were in and around the area.  We were continuously swatting them off our arms.  They would even bit us through our long sleeved shirts!  Then there was my Dad, blissfully picking and occasionally eating the raspberries.   Never once did he swat at a mosquito!!  His story was that his blood was too thick for them!! 


It was only later on when I was an adult that one of the reasons why the little vampires did not seem to like his blood was odor his blood or rather his skin had from beer!!   Yes, beer, which was consumed in numerous quantities during those hot summer months. 


Today, I can also confirm that mosquitoes do not like beer or rather the hops odor from the beer.  I too have 0+ blood but I do not seem to be bothered by them.  Now I am not sure that the beer story holds water but it seems to work for me and it is always a great excuse to have another cold one.  My neighbor partakes in a few beers each night but he seems to be plagued by the little blood thirsty bugs whenever he is out in his yard. 


When my family first moved to California we were introduce to the “Mosquito Hawk”.  Our first thought was that it was the largest mosquito we had ever seen!!!  Later we learned that it did not bite.   Bats, birds like the Purple Martin and dragon flies do a much better job at eating mosquitoes.



I also like to use the citronella candles and torches when I am out in the yard. They seem to do an excellent job keeping all the bugs away from the area we are in plus they create a very nice ambiance!!


The battle against the little flying vampire bugs goes on and so does the bug spray.  Fight on you outdoor enthusiasts, fight on!


Yah, you betcha!!

Posted 2014-08-22T21:39:47+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
Is there a certain chemical one could add to a bird bath to keep it from being a breeding ground? Or if I clean it once a week is that often enough?
Posted 2014-09-17T20:49:28+0000  by jooniper
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