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Most common cut out sizes for installing recessed lights

What are the 5 most common cut out sizes when installing recessed lights, so I may be equipped with the right size cutters?

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Posted 2014-01-28T18:09:47+0000  by LAUJ LAUJ

Rather than buying all different size of hole saws you can always use a paper template and a key hole saw, works great,

or what i use for recessed lights, ceiling boxs etc is the klien adjustable hole saw, works great on soft materials, like drywall, and ceiling tiles, siding or 1/2"+ wood not so good thats when i go with a typical hole saw.


Adjustable Klien:


Posted 2014-01-30T15:54:32+0000  by jwatkins82

To just answer your question, 3", 4", 5", 6"(most common) if doing after ceiling is already installed you will need a remodel type cans.

Posted 2014-01-30T15:57:44+0000  by jwatkins82

Hello LAUJ and welcome to the community.


The most common size recessed lighting is 6 inches.  As you will see in the attached link there is a variety of sizes of recessed lighting ranges from 3” Gimbal , 4”, 5”and 6” recessed housing.  You also have a 9 ½” square option. 



To be prepared to cut out for recessed lighting you have several options that are displayed in this link.  You can see that there is individual size hole saws or kits that contain a variety of up to 13 sizes.

                           d0d9e83e-e6b1-4211-9ecb-eae8cd9d9484_65.jpg                                                  4452168a-53de-48e6-8c1e-fb46ee5ad88a_65.jpg

 Klien Tools makes an Quick Cutting Adjustable hole saw which will cut holes ranging from 2” to 7” in diameter.

Crorey Buildings make a center Mark recesses light fixture locator tool kit that can add in making accurate cutouts.

                         09c8bfdf-8ef3-4fa3-b0a8-02a72be76c0c_65.jpg                                                                      05815c4d-560e-4b09-b9ad-c3698cffede9_65.jpg

Other options to make the cutouts for your lighting is to use a Dremel, Rotozip, Buffalo or other brands of rotory tools to plunge and make spiral cut out.




When choosing a light source, you may consider LED bulbs or fixture  instead of incandescent in order to save energy, decrease the temperature and last longer, saving you money and labor cost over the long term.  You can purchase the LED recessed lights come with trim rings attached. If you are buying quantities of LED you may find limited time offersof discounts, for more details on discounts contact the Contractors services at your local Homre Depot.


                      f37c714e-f902-433a-a784-fedad81d124c_65.jpg                             034d2b51-ed4a-4772-8ed6-6c115561d507_65.jpg

Choose any of the above links and click on specifications for details, instructions and guides to see if these tools will suit your purposes.


Thanks for your inquiry and if you want to contact me, please send me an email.





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Posted 2014-01-30T16:39:16+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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