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Mothers Day Gift Suggestions For Garden Crazy Mom!!!!


Here Comes Mother’s Day!


Do you have any suggestion……… on what I can get for my mom, for Mother’s Day? That is a question that I get asked a lot, every year at this time.


How should I answer that?  I always tell the customer what my favorite gift is from my kids; Mum-ual-labor! That’s it, that’s what I love best!!  A day of me pointing my finger, asking them to do things that I have wanted done for a while….basically yard work!  I think it’s the best gift ever…they didn’t have to wrack their brain thinking of a gift, and it has no cost to them except time….I would even feed them at the end of it all, with their favorite refreshments throughout their chores…win-win indeed!  Mum-ual-labor!


I thought it was great….but last year my youngest daughter, now 33 said “please, no mum-ual-labor, I would rather buy you something”….We laughed, and I knew that I had driven this road as long as I could!


Yes!!  I do have a few suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts for your gardening mums:


  • Gloves…a few pair... a good padded pair for long days in the garden, light-weight jersey ones for the hot days that you don’t even want to wear gloves, and a water-proof pair for days when she can’t wait for things to dry up!
  • Hand Cream….”Working Hands Cream”, you can find this tiny tub of cream in the paint department at your local Home Depot, your gardening mum needs and deserves this, it’s great!!
  • Watering Can…a good, sturdy, generous, galvanized one so that her trips to refill it aren’t many.
  • Pruners…a good pair of pruners is a must have!
  • Bug Spray…an all-natural spray to keep the biting insects away.
  • Hat…a large brimmed sun-hat to keep her safe from the sun’s harmful rays!
  • Apron….This is a fantastic gift! Tons of pocket room for her new pruners, and gloves, and bug spray, also to protect her clothes and keep her clean!
  • Galvanized Tub….put all these gifts in this giant, galvanized, gift holder, and at the end of a long day of gardening, mum can fill the tub with warm or cool water, add some Epsom salt then soak her feet!
  • Zero Gravity Chair….totally awesome chair to “literally” kick back in, trust me on this, just get your mum one, or two because you are going to want one after you have sat in hers!


Last year, I asked my mum-ual-labor resistant daughter for a Bloomarang Lilac Bush.  She brought it to me with a lavender bow, and a big smile, and then she planted it for me!  So I still got a bit of mum-ual-labor, a gorgeous plant, and time with her…the best gift of all! Maybe this year my other kids will follow suit!


Time is the greatest gift of all!.....Save time, shop your local Home Depot, or Home for all your Mother’s Day gifts!


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