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Mother's Day: Plant a Memory


I love the month of May!

May brings beautiful flowers, shrubs, roses and trees into the Home Depot!

Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, and also my birthday starts the month, I love May!

I am sure that not everyone shares my love for the month, my children I am sure find it a bit taxing, having to come up with an idea for a birthday gift, and a Mother’s Day gift as well, within weeks. Some years I make it easy for them and just tell them what I wish for.

I usually ask for chores and yard work to be done, they all always frowned on that!

This year I asked for a bike for my birthday/mother’s day gift. I would like to have simple cruiser bike, nothing fancy or expensive, nothing complicated, no gears, bells or whistles. I envisioned a bike like one from my childhood, easy to get on and off of, with a kick stand! (Except, now I want a bell.)

Twenty years ago when my children were young I made a birthday/mother’s day request for everyone to put their pennies together and we would buy a tree to plant. My wish was for a Pink Weeping Cherry. We all went to the Home Depot and I picked out the tree of my dreams. The skinny, little tree was in a 7 gallon pot, the diameter of the trunk was less than 4 inches, but it was about 5-6 foot tall, and was in bloom!

The tree lay right up through the center of the station wagon between seat-belted kids for the ride home. Everyone took a turn digging at the hole for the trees new home; I am sure they left one by one before the hole was entirely dug because we hit a sizable stone, which needed a pry bar to remove.

That tree grew up with my kids, my oldest son pruned and groomed that tree the whole time he was at home, and he still comes and keeps it in check today, now that he has grown and is married.

Many prom pictures were taken under that tree, the bloom time coincided with prom many years. Wedding pictures were taken beneath the weeping green branches in mid-summer.

Miles of Christmas lights have been draped among the graceful branches of that tree in both winter and summer. Spider webs and ghosts have hung from those freighting, creepy branches in the days of all hallows eve…. And a star, from a wood carver day trip adventure always, always hangs there.

Now my: beautiful, simply- perfect, retro, birthday bike rest on its kickstand under the drippy pink buds

The tree has grown and evolved just like my beautiful family, I just yesterday photographed my newest grandchild under its showering limbs of love…..It is the families tree!


Plant memories, give your mom a tree, a rose bush, a lilac…..bring your mom to the Home Depot and let her pick something special and watch the memories grow!

Happy Mother’s Day…. Happy May!        

Enjoy it all,



Winter 2015: I am so glad that is a memory!

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Posted 2015-05-07T15:55:29+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS


Thank you for adding your personal plant stories to the Mother’s Day planting post!

I believe that there are a lot of people who have a connection to a certain, special plant in their lifetime.

Last Saturday at the West Roxbury, Home Depot while helping a garden customer load their car with plants and soils; I saw a custom out of the corner of my eye wheeling a weeping cherry tree she had just purchased toward the parking lot on a flatbed cart.

After finishing up with the loading, I ran up to the woman and asked if she needed help, and asked if the tree was a mother’s day gift?

“Yes it is” she said, it is for my mother. She told me her mom had recently moved from the family home that she had grown up in. “We had a beautiful weeping cherry tree at our old house” she said, “My mom really misses it, so I am getting her a new one for her new home”!

I told her about the weeping cherry article I had just posted…..She said “We all had our pictures taken under our old tree too, and now there are grandchildren that need to have a tree to take pictures under”, I told her I completely agree!

I asked her if I could take her picture…….she said “of course”…… because you just cannot make this stuff up!

I told this lovely daughter that I would put her picture up on, The Home Depot Community, site and asked her to send us a picture of the new tree, in its new home, with a whole new generation of her family who will grow up along side, and under it!  A new family tree!

I hope your mom was so happy, and loves her new tree!    Maureen

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Posted 2015-05-14T17:30:50+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Hi Maureen,

What a wonderful story, I have a plant I saved from my dads funeral I keep on my atrium. Just a reminder of the great man he was, I see it every morning and I think of all the wonderful times we had together.

Posted 2015-05-07T17:42:35+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Love your post,
Thirty-five years ago, as young newlyweds my husband and I planted a 18" Colorado blue spruce tree in our front yard.  It too has been the backdrop for all are special photos, our open house, my first pregnancy and others to follow, graduations, proms, and weddings and Christmas decorations.   Many generations of birds have nested out side my bedroom window in it.  It is now about 35' and difficult to get those x-mas light up there but it is still a symbol of our families roots.
Thanks for sharing your May memories.
Posted 2015-05-07T18:03:44+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
wonderful story, i really so like it
Posted 2015-05-09T10:25:51+0000  by dewajudi88


We planted two oak trees in our front yard the year our first grandson was five. He had just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels...always an exciting accomplishment! He was born in our home on Mother's Day 27 years ago and every year, although the date might be different, I remember what a very special Mother's Day that was. He now has young sons of his own and as they get older, I'm sure they will each want to try their hand at climbing these now majestic oaks.


Posted 2015-05-16T00:18:06+0000  by rbc
Awesome story, very inspiring
Posted 2015-06-02T17:46:10+0000  by developerByDay
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