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My 2 bedrooms fans/light stopped working....HELPPPPpppppp

we cant figure out how my 2 downstairs bedroom fans just stopped working. they are both on remote controls and we even changed their batteries. NO GOOD...we yanked the chains, nothing...checked all my fuses in the main box...the light switch on the walls are both on, and to top it off...everything else in the rooms are working fine, tvs , alarm clocks, small desk lamps..its not possible that both fans died at the same time, and if they did , wouldnt the light kit on them work? maybe not but doesnt seem possible...This is bizarre...i checked all GFI handyman downstairs came up and he was shocked as well. i might want them to undo the wiring that he made 11 yrs ago to the remote...and switch it to have them wired without the remote...? I dont exactly know how to access the dip switch box on the actual fan, is it under the piece that attaches to the ceiling....??? but still cant figure out why  or how this changed from one minute of them both being on and working, to NO power at all....any suggestions or brainstorming would help me PLEASE....

Thanks so much Risa

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Posted 2013-05-14T17:02:37+0000  by Risa421 Risa421

Did someone turn these off manually with the pull chains? sometimes it's the basic things that are the culprit. majke sure switches are in the on position and check the chains. you've already checked the breakers and GFI so it's gotta be something basic.

Posted 2013-05-15T00:50:30+0000  by 19roberts

no they werent touched...we only use the remote...what is an on switch , you mean on the remote...i press it every second to see if maybe it will go light working, nothing....checked someone said replace remotes.....

Posted 2013-05-15T00:54:33+0000  by Risa421
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