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My bathroom sink pipe has a hold in it

My pipe on the bathroom sink has a hole in it.  I want to try to fix it myself.  I need to know what tool I need to take the pipe off with and do I have replace it with the same kind of pipe.  The pipe is steel. It is the piece that looks like a U that has the hole in it. It also looks has  to rings on each side that unscrew.  I can unscrew one but cannot unscrew the other.  I would like help on how to did this I do not have to call a plumber that is going to charge me an unbelievable amount to come out and do this for  a women.

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Posted 2011-02-21T19:33:43+0000  by ayf ayf

Hi ayf and welcome to the community. The piece of pipe you're referring to is a part of the P-trap assembly and is really quite a simple fix for you to do your self.

While you don't have to replace the metal with metal it is wiser to keep the material used consistent. In addition to carrying the metal U-bend (trap) as a lone piece we also have a complete P-trap kit in the plumbing department of all our stores. I would recommend switching the drain pipe out to plastic if that is aesthetically acceptable to your setup. The slip nut that is giving you problems is most likely the result of corrosion over time. To remove it, firmly grasp the adjacent pipe then using a set of water pump pliers turn the nut till loose. An anti corrosive spray such as PB Blaster can assist in loosening the nut. Let it work itself loose and don't rush it so as not to damage any threads with excess pressure. I've included a link to a step-by-step guide on installing a new drain.


Installing Sink P-trap


Since your install is taking place in a bathroom Step 3 "install of continuous waste T-fitting", can be omitted unless your setup involves a two sink setup. As any plumbing associate will tell you everyone's setup varies to some degree. When going to grab your replacement parts nothing helps more than snapping a quick picture or a rough sketch of your setup. You would not believe how helpful this is in getting you just the right pieces for the job. I hope this has been helpful and once again welcome to the community.



Posted 2011-02-21T20:42:31+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks so much ChirsFixit, you have been most helpful.  I am going to try to do this myself.  Your instructions are simple and to the point.  Your advise is very much appreciated,.  Thanks for your quick response and tips.

Posted 2011-02-21T20:59:20+0000  by ayf
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