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My cellar door lock will not close

My cellar door doesnt lock, help me to fix it so it will lock

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Posted 2013-05-04T20:23:31+0000  by ritagracedas123 ritagracedas123

Welcome to our community Ritagracedas123!


It sounds like your cellar door is slightly out of alignment. This is probably happening because of the weather. Temperature changes can make the door expand or contract causing the alignment to be slightly off,  causing it to not lock properly. The only thing you can do is work with the door until is locks properly. This may mean pulling it up so that it meets the strike so it will close.


I hope this helps you with your door. If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :)

Posted 2013-05-13T20:04:00+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL




If the door originally latched properly, it is probably a veryminor adjustment: Usually the latch pin is just barely missing the hole in the strike plate.


First, make sure that all the screws in the hinges are tight. Loose screws will allow the door to sag. If merely tightening is not sufficient but helps, a longer screw may be substituted for one of the screws. A longer screw will reach the 2x4 frame in back of the jamb and allow you to pull in the jamb slightly.


If this does not help, try putting a thin cardboard shim under either the top or bottom hinge, depending on whether the latch is hitting the top or bottom of the latch plate. if not enough space is available between the door and the jamb, the door might bind up there.


Finally, if not enough clearance is gained by the above methods, try removing a little metal from the stike plate with a metal file.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-05-15T23:39:14+0000  by ordjen
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