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My clear sunturf polycarbonate roof panels over my deck have leaks.

I love the clear roof panels over my deck that replaced the fiberglass ones that were there but now there are muliple leaks where the panels overlap and also all along where the deck roof meets the house.  Rain water does not shed onto the roof panels but instead goes under somehow and onto deck along the house.  My husband says he should have used rubber washers where nails went through the panels.  The builder who installed it a year and a half ago keeps putting off fixing it.  I'm wondering if there was a major screw up that he doesn't want to face.  When I have talked to him periodically he says he can fix it but is waiting to finish another job he is on.

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Posted 2013-11-20T07:52:28+0000  by holapr holapr




There is indeed a special screw from the manufacturer that was supposed to be used with the sun panels. They have built in washers. There is a wavy filler strip that is supposed to be placed under the corrugated panels to support the the panels while being screwed. The screws are supposed to be on the peaks of the corrugations, not in the valleys.

Also, the installer was supposed to put a bead of silicone caulk where the panels overlap. Unfortunately, especially on the clear panels, this bead is somewhat visible. I persoanlly had to back off the overlap on my pergola and place this bead, as I had not doneit, thinging that the overlap would have prevented a leak - it did not!


Again, there should be a flashing where the panels meet the verticle wall. The company has a website with detailed instructions as to proper installation. It sounds as if your installer did not bother to research proper installation practices.


Short of backing off all the fasteners, you might get by with a dab of silicone caulk on the head of each.


Hope this has helped.


Posted 2013-11-20T18:46:10+0000  by ordjen
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